Altitude Training Mask: Elevate Your Breathwork Journey

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The Altitude Training Mask is a device that helps you to train muscles you need for every sport…your breathing muscles. It sets your focus on your breathing by limiting your air supply.



  • Cover
  • Valve
  • Mask Body
  • Sleeve

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The Training Mask is a cutting edge respiratory conditioning accessory that will significantly improve your performance and fitness.

The altitude training mask will allow you to apply variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles. You choose how to train, how far you’ll take it and progress.

Performance breathing with the altitude training mask will make your diaphragm and your whole respiratory system much stronger and efficient. It will drastically improve your performance, endurance strength and recovery times.



Why use an Altitude Training Mask?

If you’ve never seen or used a training mask before, you might wonder why someone would strap a mask over their face to exercise. Wouldn’t that make your workout that much harder?

That’s actually the point. High Altitude Training Masks are used to simulate conditions at higher altitudes to stress the body during exercise. Using a training mask helps you increase physical performance and achieve increasingly challenging goals.

What are the benefits of an Altitude Training Mask?

A training mask is designed to help you re-create the conditions of high altitudes when you can’t physically go high above sea level.

Wearing this mask while exercising is believed by some to help you achieve the same benefits you might achieve if you were training at these high altitudes.

The Altitude Training Mask covers your mouth. However, it features adjustable valves to restrict the amount of oxygen that you receive, as well as a valve where exhaled air exits the mask.

When you wear the mask, your body begins to adapt to the reduced oxygen intake. This, makes your heart and lungs work harder.

Then, when you take the mask off, you’ll get a big boost. Your body has adapted to the restricted oxygen and is able to use the oxygen more efficiently, which helps you boost that performance!

After using our Altitude Training Mask for some time, you may feel like you can run faster, jump higher, or bike for a longer duration. If you’re a competitor, this may give you an edge over the people you’re up against.


The Advantages of Training with an Altitude Mask:

  • Builds Aerobic Capacity:

VO₂ max is essentially shorthand for your maximal oxygen intake. This refers to the uppermost limit for the amount of oxygen your body is able to use during exercise. You may also hear it referred to as peak oxygen intake.

Training masks are designed to help you achieve your VO₂ max, but scientific research shows mixed results. In a 2016, research showed evidence that training masks helped its users increase their VO₂ max.

  • Builds Lung Function:

You may often hear that training masks help improve your lung function. But research suggests that might not be the case.

The 2016 studyTrusted Source mentioned above compared one small group of “moderately trained” adults who used ETMs with a control group that didn’t use masks.

  • Induces Hypoxemia:

Hypoxemia is the state of having below-normal levels of oxygen in your blood. Essentially, training masks are supposed to help achieve this state because their effect is similar to what you might experience at high altitudes.


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Clara review
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 3
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I had such an incredible experience with Johannes and the Breathless team in the mountains. It was so much more than just an Instructor Training course, it has taught me life skills I am now using daily and which have improved my life in a very positive way. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and never going to look back! 100% recommended.
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 4
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Such an incredible experience with so many takeaways. Cold immersion and hiking in such a beautiful landscape. Breakthrough breathwork and yoga. And sharing all of this with great food and hot saunas with some incredible people. Oo-ra!
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis@Brad Lewis
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Amazing experience. The instructor training was so much more than just breathwork and cold exposure. This was a blueprint for building human connection and creating safety and thanks to Johannes and the Breathless team, I am now committed to spreading the message far and wide. I am looking forward to helping people breathe better, connect, overcome their limitations and spread the love :)
Patty Silva Blanch
Patty Silva Blanch@Brad Lewis
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The Breathless Snow Expedition is an experience so amazing that you will never forget. The weekend included everything, meals, accommodation, teachings, hiking and best of all, going in the river with glacier water. I met many nice people, did yoga, meditation, sound healing and the food was delicious. Johannes is a great teacher, knowledgeable, and very experienced. It’s challenging and extremely rewarding. Highly recommended.

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