Breath Deck: Your Guide to Breathwork Tools

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The Breath Deck is a deck of 36 cards with all of the Breathless breathing practices. Use it as a tool for gaining insight, guidance, and inspiration for your breathwork practice. Here are some ways to use the deck:

As your daily practice:

Set an intention, shuffle the cards and draw one out. You can do this by simply choosing a card at random, or you can use a more structured method, such as cutting the deck and choosing the top card, or choosing more than one. Read the card or cards. This can be your daily breathwork practice. You can do it early in the morning, before bed, or anywhere in between!

Use your intuition and your own personal practice to build upon the breathing practice you drew out. Reflect on how it can be helpful throughout the day.

Repeat as desired: You can draw as many cards as you like, depending on the depth and length of practice you’re seeking. Once you’ve finished your practice, take some time to thank yourself for the time you’ve devoted to your health and wellbeing.

Design your breath-flow:

The Breath Deck is a great tool to help you gain inspiration and program breathflows, either for yourself or for guiding others.

The Breath Deck will give you the chance to experiment with many of the Breathless exercises and techniques, allowing space for exploration and incorporating techniques that you don’t usually do.

Sit with The Breath Deck, and look at all the cards. You can sequence your breath-flow, try mixing the cards around, swapping places amongst your cards and ultimately creating the best breathing sequences for yourself and your breathers.

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Clara review
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 3
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I had such an incredible experience with Johannes and the Breathless team in the mountains. It was so much more than just an Instructor Training course, it has taught me life skills I am now using daily and which have improved my life in a very positive way. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and never going to look back! 100% recommended.
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 4
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Such an incredible experience with so many takeaways. Cold immersion and hiking in such a beautiful landscape. Breakthrough breathwork and yoga. And sharing all of this with great food and hot saunas with some incredible people. Oo-ra!
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis@Brad Lewis
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Amazing experience. The instructor training was so much more than just breathwork and cold exposure. This was a blueprint for building human connection and creating safety and thanks to Johannes and the Breathless team, I am now committed to spreading the message far and wide. I am looking forward to helping people breathe better, connect, overcome their limitations and spread the love :)
Patty Silva Blanch
Patty Silva Blanch@Brad Lewis
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The Breathless Snow Expedition is an experience so amazing that you will never forget. The weekend included everything, meals, accommodation, teachings, hiking and best of all, going in the river with glacier water. I met many nice people, did yoga, meditation, sound healing and the food was delicious. Johannes is a great teacher, knowledgeable, and very experienced. It’s challenging and extremely rewarding. Highly recommended.

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