Mouth Tape: Unlock Breath Mastery

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Our Mouth Tape is made using cotton and hypoallergenic, skin-friendly glue. The glue is Japanese-made, acrylic glue that is latex-free. It is a gluten-free product.

Our Mouth Tape cannot be worn if you have facial hair – it must be applied to a shaven face.


Better Sleep

Better Health

Better Life Quality


If you’ve gone on expedition or done any workshops with us, you know why Nasal Breathing is so important for our health. Our Mouth Tape designed to restore the natural flow of breath, through the nose. You can use Mouth Tape during the day and/or night, especially while you sleep.

Our Tape gently suggests the lips to close while wearing, not blocking the mouth opening. It provides some light pressure on the lips to remind your body to breathe through the nose.

It is suitable for adults and children, this simple breathing aid aims to improve sleep, rest time and ultimately the quality of your life.

Using Mouth Tape, especially at night while you sleep, will:

        • · Help with Sleep Apnea
        • · Stop snoring
        • · Support CPAP
        • · Increase focus
        • · Enhance sleep quality
        • · Reduce fatigue
        • · Improve dental health
        • · Assist in reducing anxiety
        • · Elevate physical performance and stamina




How to use:

  • Remove the paper backing from your tape
  • Using your hands, gently stretch the tape by about 20%
  • If applying tape to your child, encourage them to bring their lips together
  • Gently place the tape so that it surrounds your or your child’s mouth


Why use our Mouth Tape?

Breathing through the mouth isn’t doing you any favours for your oral, physical or emotional health. Dentists, doctors, breath coaches and scientists that are on top of their field have given us six reasons why you should sleep with your mouth closed so you can breathe through your nose. In the world we live today, where stress and adrenaline run through our veins constantly, we need to treat ourselves to healthy practices to maintain our health.

Committing to a full night’s sleep is a great place to start, but it’s not all about how long you sleep, it’s also about the quality of it. Sure, some can argue that sleeping in your back is better for your posture, or sleeping with the feet slightly elevated is better for circulation… but what applies to all humans equally and gives the fastest and most tangible benefits is where do you breathe from. Don’t believe us? Then, try it out!


Better your Sleep:

For more awesome practices on Sleep Hygiene, check out this article.

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Clara review
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 3
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I had such an incredible experience with Johannes and the Breathless team in the mountains. It was so much more than just an Instructor Training course, it has taught me life skills I am now using daily and which have improved my life in a very positive way. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and never going to look back! 100% recommended.
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 4
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Such an incredible experience with so many takeaways. Cold immersion and hiking in such a beautiful landscape. Breakthrough breathwork and yoga. And sharing all of this with great food and hot saunas with some incredible people. Oo-ra!
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis@Brad Lewis
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Amazing experience. The instructor training was so much more than just breathwork and cold exposure. This was a blueprint for building human connection and creating safety and thanks to Johannes and the Breathless team, I am now committed to spreading the message far and wide. I am looking forward to helping people breathe better, connect, overcome their limitations and spread the love :)
Patty Silva Blanch
Patty Silva Blanch@Brad Lewis
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The Breathless Snow Expedition is an experience so amazing that you will never forget. The weekend included everything, meals, accommodation, teachings, hiking and best of all, going in the river with glacier water. I met many nice people, did yoga, meditation, sound healing and the food was delicious. Johannes is a great teacher, knowledgeable, and very experienced. It’s challenging and extremely rewarding. Highly recommended.

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