Breathless Portable Ice Bath: Recovery at Your Fingertips

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  • 5 Layers of thermal insulated cooling or heating technology
  • 100% body coverage
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Inflatable rim to keep shape
  • Easy drainage system



  • Size: 75 cm diameter – 75 cm height
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Capacity: 200 L
  • Suitable for full coverage of people who are up to 6’4
  • Materials: Heavy Duty and Premium Quality PVC

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What you get:

1 Breathless Portable Ice Bath
6 Removable Support Legs
1 Removable Drainage Tap
1 Hand Pump

Product Description:

Size 75cm in Diameter, 75cm in Height

Total Weight: 3.1kg

Materials: Heavy Duty and Premium Quality PVC

Capacity: 200L

Our Portable Ice Baths…

  • Give you all the benefits of cold exposure
  • Allow you to get your boost anywhere, anytime
  • Are lightweight and durable
  • Are foldable and easy to store
  • Are very easy to fill in
  • Easy to empty

What are the benefits of taking ice baths?

Ice baths aren’t as extreme as whole-body cryotherapy, which involves brief exposure to extremely low temperatures. Instead, ice baths include a brief –– usually around 5 to 10 minutes –– plunge in 50 to 59°F water. And fans of the method use ice baths to remedy muscle soreness, stress, and more.

Find out how the purported benefits of ice baths measure up to the science.

1. Reduces inflammation and swelling

When you take an ice bath, the cold temperature narrows your blood vessels. This decreases blood flow to your muscles, which may reduce inflammation and swelling. And research suggests that the cold-therapy technique lowers post-exercise inflammation better than other methods like compression socks.

2. Relieves sore muscles

Stepping into a cold bath might help relieve sore muscles. Scientists aren’t sure exactly how it works. But less inflammation and slower nerve signaling could mean less pain. Cold water could also lower your perception of pain or how much soreness you feel.

That explains why a systematic review found that ice baths reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise. But the studies were low quality. And the best way to take an ice bath to soothe sore muscles –– including ideal water temperature, duration, and frequency –– is unclear.

Evidence suggests that ice baths may also ease pain from chronic conditions. This includes rheumatoid arthritisgout, and fibromyalgia. But there’s a need for more research on ice baths for chronic pain and possible long-term side effects.

3. Aids Excercise Recovery

When you get out of an ice bath, your blood vessels dilate, or re-open, increasing circulation. The nutrient-rich blood flow to your muscles may help remove metabolic waste that builds up during exercise. That’s another reason people use ice baths for post-workout recovery.

And some studies do suggest that ice baths are an effective recovery method. But do the pros outweigh the cons? A 2021 review shows that taking an icy dip reduces exercise-induced inflammation. The researchers note that they can also hinder training adaptations that allow you to build muscle and improve your performance. This potential side effect may apply to endurance, but not aerobic workouts.

Another study shows that ice baths and active recovery are equally effective at lowering inflammation. So active-recovery workouts might be a more reliable option if you want to increase muscle mass or strength.

4. Lowers Core Body Temperature

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits is that ice baths can help you cool down when you’re overheated. One study found that soaking in cold water for just under 10 minutes reduces your core body temperature after a workout. Cooling down after you work up a sweat can help you avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

5. Supports Immunity

Some evidence suggests that ice baths support a healthy immune system. In a small study, people who combined cold water immersion, deep breathing, and meditation had fewer bacterial infection symptoms than those who did not. But it’s difficult to know just how effective cold water immersion is for your immune system because the study looks at several methods.

6. Improves Mental Health

Ice baths might be good for your mental health too. A small study found that taking a 20-minute ice bath 4 days a week improved quality of life in people with gout. They had better joint mobility and less stress, anxiety, and depression. Scientists think that exposing your body to cold water triggers a stress response and activates the nervous system. These changes can improve your mood and help you adapt to stress over time.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 69 × 37 × 11 cm


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Clara review
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 3
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I had such an incredible experience with Johannes and the Breathless team in the mountains. It was so much more than just an Instructor Training course, it has taught me life skills I am now using daily and which have improved my life in a very positive way. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and never going to look back! 100% recommended.
Simon Braun
Simon BraunLocal Guide · Level 4
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Such an incredible experience with so many takeaways. Cold immersion and hiking in such a beautiful landscape. Breakthrough breathwork and yoga. And sharing all of this with great food and hot saunas with some incredible people. Oo-ra!
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis@Brad Lewis
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Amazing experience. The instructor training was so much more than just breathwork and cold exposure. This was a blueprint for building human connection and creating safety and thanks to Johannes and the Breathless team, I am now committed to spreading the message far and wide. I am looking forward to helping people breathe better, connect, overcome their limitations and spread the love :)
Patty Silva Blanch
Patty Silva Blanch@Brad Lewis
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The Breathless Snow Expedition is an experience so amazing that you will never forget. The weekend included everything, meals, accommodation, teachings, hiking and best of all, going in the river with glacier water. I met many nice people, did yoga, meditation, sound healing and the food was delicious. Johannes is a great teacher, knowledgeable, and very experienced. It’s challenging and extremely rewarding. Highly recommended.

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