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‘The Mountains are calling, and I must go’ – John Muir

If you’re looking for adventure, a taste of the wild and the chance to go beyond what you thought possible, then come join Breathless Expeditions on our life-changing Breathwork Retreat in the Snowy Mountains.

Our breathwork retreat takes place in the beautiful Crackenback Valley, gateway to Kosciuszko National Park. Surrounded by snow topped mountains, the landscape is both majestic and peaceful at once, providing the perfect backdrop to get high and go deep.


Conquer more than just a mountain.

From hiking snow covered trails, swimming in frozen rivers or just pausing for a moment to take in the majestic surroundings, let the ephemeral power of the mountains challenge then soothe, inspire then calm.

Fully ground yourself in nature at her purest. Breathe in that crisp fresh air. Go deep in the breathwork sessions. Find your true self on a snowy peak. Take solace in companionship and camaraderie. Soak up the warmth of the sauna, log fire and shared laughter.

A fresh perspective on self discovery

Let yourself be guided by the beauty connection, nature and your breath and return home with a fresh perspective, a deeper sense of self and that call to the wild answered on every level.

Over the weekend, you will experience advanced breathwork sessions, informative workshops, guided meditations, stimulating discussions and of course, cold water immersion. Your local alpine guides will be on hand to help guide you through and gain a unique insight into the beauty that is the Snowy Mountains. Swim in pristine glacial rivers, summit one of Australia’s highest peaks in minimal clothing and reach your highest potential during this unique weekend adventure.

We will be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

To help you make this your own journey.

To allow you the space and provide you with the tools to tap into your inner superhuman.

It will be a life changing experience.

A holistic approach to your well being

No matter what your fitness level is, no matter what you’re looking to get out of this time away, you will leave armed with the knowledge and daily practices to enhance your mental, emotional and physical wellness and embrace your true full potential.


Breathless is the space between science and the unknown, between the head and the heart, between learning and feeling, the space between doing and being, between who you are and who you are becoming.

Think yoga retreat, but then different

Combining ancient breathwork techniques with revolutionary neuroscience and studies into human potential, we believe that by learning to become aware of our
breath and how it impacts on us, we can influence our health, our mental state, the way we feel, the way we move and ultimately, the way we live.

There is so much stress, trauma, and fear build up in our body from everyday life and past experiences, that our Breathwork retreat offers a beautiful path to healing within a safe community.

As Australia’s No. 1 leading breathwork program, we are all about getting out into nature and into our souls.

Get high, go deep and let your breath set you free.


This breathwork retreat is for all fitness levels and no previous experience of cold water exposure or breath work is necessary. This retreat has been designed for those who are:

  • Interested in testing their personal limits through cold exposure, hiking and cold water immersion
  • Looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their connection to breathing patterns, emotions and the natural world.
  • Willing to unlock energy, break free from fight or flight responses, lower anxiety levels and eradicate repressed or held emotions.
  • Keen to witness the beauty of this stunning setting in a unique and expansive retreat
  • Wanting to explore personal limits in a safe, held environment.



May 30, 2025 - June 2, 2025 (All Day)(GMT+10:00)

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Pender Lea

1056 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

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  • Johannes Egberts

    Johannes Egberts


    Breathless Expeditions

    Breathless Expeditions Founder Johannes Egberts is considered Australia’s Leading Breathwork Instructor.

    Johannes’s inspiring life journey is punctuated by seeking the positives in every situation, a thirst for self-discovery and a love for unconventional experiences.

    Despite a challenging childhood, he discovered something unexpected that would alter the direction of his life forever – controlled breathing.

    Breathwork immediately resonated with Johannes, and he relentlessly cultivated knowledge on the subject and acquired more than ten breathwork certifications.

    His holistic wellness brand, Breathless Expeditions, has led the breathwork movement in Australia, inspiring thousands of people across the globe since 2018.

    He is predominately known for his Breathwork Instructor Training programs and for creating unique experiences in the corporate world.

    He offers experiences to every industry for fostering team building and life resilience with an impressive clientele portfolio ranging from professional athletes to renowned authors and high-profile. Click here for Corporate Wellness Opportunities.

    Netherlands-born, he has trainined 20,000+ in breathwork, published scientific research and trained more than 300 instructors.




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What is Breathless Expeditions?

Breathless Expeditions is an adventure! It’s also an opportunity to learn breathwork practice or delve deeper into your existing knowledge of breath. Step away from a busy and demanding life, immerse yourself in nature whilst still having all the comforts of home. Feel invigorated, inspired and energised by the beauty of the Snowy Mountains.

What should I pack?

Our packing list is a guide that considers the venue and the unpredictability of the weather. We want you to pack everything you need to make the most of this experience. Please discern what is suitable for you or contact us to discuss leading up to your expedition.

      • 2-3 x Pairs wool/merino socks
      • Beanie plus a cap or visor
      • Comfortable warm clothing
      • Easy slip-on shoes without laces (optional)
      • Gloves
      • Hiking boots or similar (*waterproof or leather ideal)
      • Pen and Paper / Journal
      • Reusable/Keep cup
      • Snacks if required in between meals (optional)
      • Swimwear (x2 minimum)
      • Sun Protection SPF, Sunglasses and or goggles
      • Towel (quick dry for outdoors) bathroom towels are supplied

What can I expect?

Learn about breath whilst also igniting your sense of adventure. Swim in pristine glacial rivers, summit one of Australia’s highest peaks in minimal clothing and reach your highest potential during this unique weekend away. We will be there to guide and support you every step of the way, to help you make this your own well being journey. There will be meditation, breathwork, and lot’s of movement through the amazing snowy mountains.

Where do the snowy mountains retreats take place?

Approx 2.5 hours south of Canberra, near the town of Jindabyne, is an area known as Crackenback. From here we explore the Snowy Mountains.

What can I expect from the Food & Accomodation?

All delicious, healthy meals and snacks are provided throughout your stay. Most dietary requirements can be catered for and upon booking, you’ll be sent a registration form to let us know of any requirements you may have.

We stay at Pender Lea, classis swiss style chalets. They say home is where the heart is and Pender Lea is all heart. The chalets have sauna and spa facilities, open fire places, under floor heating,  a kitchen and laundry facilities –  you’ll be comfortable and cosy. Rooms are twin or loft triple share.

What level of fitness do I need?

You don’t need a high level of fitness to participate in Breathless Expeditions. A reasonable amount of mobility and fitness is ideal as some aspects of the trip include walking uphill, crossing creeks, or walking on snow. However, be rest assured we move as a team – no one is left behind.

How do I get there?

You will need to make your own way to the Crackenback, which is roughly 6 hours drive from Sydney. Please let us know in your registration form (you will receive this on booking) if you’d like to lift share or offer a ride. If travelling by air we suggest you fly into Canberra and then we do our best to arrange car pooling or worst case scenario car hire is available which may be an otion to share with other guests arriving at the same destination.

Please read the disclaimer and reveiw the waiver

DISCLAIMER: Breathwork offers many potential benefits, but certain conditions may create risks for some individuals. It is essential to read all questions in Breathless Waiver above carefully before deciding if Breathwork is right for you, and let your health practitioner know about any concerns before participating. There are some contraindications including but not limited to pregnancy, glaucoma, high blood pressure not controlled with medication, cardiovascular disease, aneurysm in the brain or abdomen, uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes, asthma (if you have an inhaler, bring it to the session), epilepsy, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia diagnosis or previous psychiatric hospitalisation within the last ten years; other medical or physical conditions that impair the ability to engage in intense physical/emotional release.

A positive answer does not necessarily exclude you from participating but may require medical clearance first. So, carefully reviewing all questions in the waiver and indicating any relevant personal situations before engaging in Breathwork activities is essential.

Can I attend if I’m under 18 years of age?

In our experience, this session is more appropriate for those that are aged 18 and above because adolescents may not have the emotional maturity or life experience needed to fully understand or benefit from the techniques. Please contact us to discuss under-18 years of age attendance as we assess on a case-by-case request. Please articulate the event date, venue and participant’s date of birth etc.

Who will be facilitating the Expedition?

Johannes Egberts refused to let his difficult upbringing define him. With a thirst for self-discovery and a love of unconventional experiences, he unexpectedly discovered the power of breathwork that changed the trajectory of his life forever.

Johannes has led the breathwork movement since 2018 and is considered Australia’s  leading breathwork instructor. He offers unique experiences designed to foster team building and life resilience to a portfolio of impressive clientele ranging from professional athletes, renowned authors and some of Australia’s high-profile companies. Since founding Breathless in, he has trained over 20,000 people in breathwork,  published research into breathwork and trained more than 300 breathwork instructors.

Today, Johannes Egberts is a breathwork mentor for many and has trained hundreds of Breathwork Facilitators. Some of these facilitators are recognised by Breathless Expeditions as Master Instructors. In the event listing you will be advised who is facilitating the session that you are looking to join.


Breathless Expeditions: Refunds & Cancellations Policy

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Welcome to Breathless Expeditions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional experiences while ensuring clarity and transparency in all our transactions. This Refunds & Cancellations Policy outlines our approach to refunds and cancellations, reflecting our commitment to fairness and customer satisfaction.


Please note: This policy is subject to change from time to time to reflect our evolving practices or regulatory requirements. We encourage our clients to review the policy periodically for any updates.


Last Updated: 15 February 2024


By engaging with our services and making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to the terms laid out in this policy. We strive to balance the interests of both Breathless Expeditions and our valued clients, ensuring that the terms are reasonable, fair, and clearly communicated.


Timing of payments 


Please be advised that full payment for any of our offerings is required six weeks prior to the commencement of the service or event, except for those customers who have opted for a payment plan arrangement. This policy ensures that we can manage our bookings and associated costs effectively, especially for arrangements that require advance commitments such as accommodation, food and appropriate staff for events and expeditions.


  1. Deposits are refundable until the expiry of a cooling-off period of 14 days.
  2. If you have made the full payment and wish to cancel with at least 60 days’ notice prior to the course, expedition or retreat start date, you will receive a full refund less your deposit as stated above.
  3. If you have made the full payment and wish to cancel at least 30 to 59 days prior to a retreat start date, you will receive a 50% refund less your deposit 
  4. Cancellations within 29 days of the start date may receive a 15% refund (less the deposit) if the spot can be filled; otherwise, the payment is non-refundable. 

Deposits are defined as either a $1,000 prepayment or the first (and possibly second) payment plan instalment that cumulatively equals at least $1,000. This deposit is non-refundable after a 14-day cooling-off period.

Payment Plans

We believe our transformative experiences should be accessible to everyone. Our payment plans are designed to provide financing options for those unable to pay upfront, though they incur additional costs due to the interest charged to offset our risk. The same cancellation fees as outlined above apply to clients on payment plans. This means:

  • After the initial deposit, a 14-day cooling-off period is included, during which a full refund can be claimed and all access removed.
  • All subsequent payments are non-refundable. Early termination of the agreement by a participant or client necessitates the payment of all remaining dues. Failure to complete the payment may result in the removal of course access.
  • Each monthly instalment is due every 30 days from the initial deposit date. Clients are obligated to fulfil all payments, even if the agreement is terminated early by the client, subject to the terms herein, including potential late payment fees for delayed payments.

This policy aims to clarify the terms surrounding payments, cancellations, and refunds, ensuring transparency and understanding for all our clients.

We look forward to sharing in experiences together. 

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