Freediving Course Sydney

Freediving is an amazing sport that allows you to explore the underwater world on just a single breath. Sydney is one of the best places to learn freediving, with its beautiful clear waters and abundant marine life. If you’re looking to get started with Freediving or becoming a certified freediver, you’ve come to the right place!


Our Freediving Courses in Sydney offer a comprehensive range of courses, from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced freediver, our courses are designed to help you improve your skills and confidence in the water, allowing you to leave knowing how to dive safely.

So, if you’re ready to discover the incredible world of freediving, contact us today to find out more about our Freediving Courses in Sydney. We can’t wait to help you become the best freediver you can be!


How to Start Your Freediving Journey:
From Zero to Hero

Practical Aspect
of Our Freediving Courses

During the practical training, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your Freediving skills in under a controlled environment under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Once we sucessfully complete this, we will go into two open water dive sessions. You’ll learn how to descend and ascend safely, how to equalise your ears, how to conserve oxygen, and how to improve your buoyancy.

After completing your Freediving course, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and techniques to Freedive safely and comfortably with your buddies. You’ll be able to explore the underwater world in a whole new way and experience the incredible feeling of being one with the ocean.

Booking a Freediving course is the best way to begin your journey into the world of Freediving. With the guidance and instruction of a qualified instructor, you’ll learn all the necessary skills and techniques to Freedive safely and comfortably. So don’t wait any longer, book your course today and start your Freediving journey!


Upcoming Breathless Freediving Experiences

 Join Breathless Expeditions on one of our upcoming freediving events. 

Current Month


22julAll Day01augSold Out!RAJA AMPAT FREEDIVING, YOGA & BREATHWORK EXPEDITION | SOLD OUT(All Day)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeRaja Ampat Regency, HQHG+439, Waisai, Waigeo Selatan, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua 98482, Indonesia


22julAll Day01augSold Out!RAJA AMPAT FREEDIVING, YOGA & BREATHWORK EXPEDITION | SOLD OUT(All Day)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeRaja Ampat Regency, HQHG+439, Waisai, Waigeo Selatan, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua 98482, Indonesia


06sep(sep 6)10:00 am12(sep 12)11:00 amFeaturedLady Elliot Island Freediving, Breathwork & Yoga Expedition10:00 am - 11:00 am (12)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeLady Elliot Island Eco Resort, Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort Lady Elliot, QLD 4805 Australia

27sep(sep 27)7:30 am28(sep 28)3:00 pmFreediving Course Level 1 | Little Beach Nelson Bay7:30 am - 3:00 pm (28)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeLittle Beach Nelson Bay


07feb(feb 7)10:00 am13(feb 13)11:00 amFeaturedLady Elliot Island Freediving, Breathwork & Yoga Expedition10:00 am - 11:00 am (13)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeLady Elliot Island Eco Resort, Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort Lady Elliot, QLD 4805 Australia


Become a Member
of Our Freediving Community

Freediving is a great way to make new friends and become a part of a welcoming and supportive community. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced freediver, joining the diving community can enhance your experience and help you meet like-minded individuals from all over the world.

Freediving is a sport that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and regardless of your background or experience level, you’ll find a community of people who share your passion for the sport. Freedivers are known for their sense of adventure, their love for the ocean, and their dedication to safety and conservation.


When you join one of our Freediving Courses, you’ll be introduced to the Freediving community, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in local and international events, connect with other divers, and learn from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the sport. Whether you’re interested in recreational Freediving or competitive Freediving, there’s a community out there for you.

Breathless also offers social dives, freediving group courses, and freediving training sessions, which provide a great opportunity to meet other divers and make new friends. You’ll be able to share your experiences, learn from others, and form strong bonds with people who share your love of the sport.


Freediving Courses and Training Sydney

If you’re already a Level 1 Freediver looking to improve your freediving skills, you’ve come to the right place. Our Freediving training courses in Sydney offer a comprehensive range of training options for all levels of divers.

Our courses are designed to help you improve your technique, increase your confidence in the water, and become a safer and more skilled diver.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced freediver looking to take your skills to the next level, our freediving courses are tailored to your individual needs.

Our experienced and certified instructors are passionate about the sport and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, we will meet you wherever you are at. We offer a variety of training options, including private lessons, group courses, and specialised training for competitive divers.


Sydney Freediving Courses and

At our Freediving courses in Sydney, we take safety very seriously. We follow all international freediving safety protocols and ensure that all our students are trained to the highest standards of safety and proficiency.

We run freediving courses in various spots in Sydney to ensure our students access to this wonderful course.

If you don’t see one where you are at, please reach out.

Contact us today to find out more about our training options and to book your spot in our next course. We can’t wait to have you on our course and help you become a safer and more skilled diver!


Our Clients Success Stories

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Dive Deeper

If you’re looking for a qualified and experienced Freediving instructor, you’ve come to the right place, we have the course for you. Our staff of instructors are experienced, trained in different schools and are from all over the world.

Our directory includes instructors with various levels of experience and qualifications. All of the instructors listed in our directory are certified by the leading freediving organisations and have extensive experience teaching and coaching freediving students.

Whether you’re looking for a private instructor or a group course, our staff can help you find the perfect Freediving instructor to meet your needs.

Our Freediving instructors are passionate about the sport and are dedicated to helping their students improve their skills and achieve their goals. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of freediving, from safety procedures to advanced techniques, and are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment during your freediving course or training session.


Our Freediving Instructors

In addition to teaching and coaching, many of our Freediving instructors are also accomplished competitive freedivers, with years of experience competing in national and international events. Our instructors teach freediving not just as a job, but as a passion. They can provide valuable insights and tips for those looking to take their freediving skills to the next level.

Whether you’re just getting started or you are an experienced diver looking to improve your skills, our directory of Freediving instructors can help you find the perfect instructor to meet your needs.

Freediving Equipment

At Breathless, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible Freediving experience. That’s why we provide all the necessary Freediving equipment for our courses, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing or bringing your own gear.

When you book a Freediving course with us, we’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment, including wetsuits, masks, fins and weight belts. We use only high-quality equipment from the leading manufacturers in the Freediving industry to ensure that our students are comfortable and safe during their training.

Our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that it’s in top condition for our students. We understand that having the right equipment is essential for a safe and enjoyable Freediving experience during the course.

Our experienced staff can help you select the right equipment for your needs and provide you with expert advice on proper use and maintenance.

We want our students to feel confident and comfortable with their equipment, and we are committed to providing the best possible customer service.


Still have Questions

Check out the FAQs Below. The Team are Here to Help.

You will need a wetsuit, weight belt, weights, mask, snorkel and fins. You can also bring a neoprene hoodie, gloves and socks if you want to keep warmer, but it’s optional. You don’t have any equipment? Not to worry! We’ve got you, we can lend you the equipment for the course.

The physical requirements for freediving are being in good overall health and having basic swimming skills. As for age requirements, there is a Junior Freediver certification available for children aged 10 to 14, and the regular Freediver certification is available for individuals aged 15 and above.

The different freediving disciplines include static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion, constant weight, and variable weight. The disciplines can be performed with bifins, without fins or with a mono fin.
During the course we will learn static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion with fins and constant weight with fins.

Our typical Freediving Level 1 course lasts 2 days. Our Try Freediving Experience is 1 day long.
If you decided to get your certification with us on a Freediving Retreat or Freediving Expedition, we will have between 4 to 6 days to complete the course, giving you more time to slowly develop the skills and get a lot more of practice time to master this beautiful sport!

– Being at least 10 years old for the Junior Freediver certification or 15 years old for the regular Freediver certification.
– Participants must have basic swimming skills and be in good health without any medical conditions that could pose a risk during freediving activities.

The progression typically includes the following certifications:
1. Try Freediving: The entry-level experience for beginners, focusing on basic knowledge, skills, and safety practices.
3. Level 1 Freediver: A more comprehensive course that covers techniques such as breath-hold dives, equalization, and safety procedures over two days.
4. Level 2 Freediver: This certification delves deeper into advanced equalization techniques, increased depths, and more challenging training exercises.

1. Theory and knowledge: Understanding the basic principles of freediving, including physics, physiology, and safety procedures.
2. Breathing and relaxation techniques: Learning proper breathing techniques to optimize oxygenation and relaxation for breath-holding.
3. Equalization techniques: Mastering different methods to equalize the pressure in your ears and sinuses as you descend.
4. Proper diving techniques: Developing proper body positioning, finning techniques, and streamlining to maximize efficiency and conserve energy.
5. Safety and buddy procedures: Learning essential safety protocols, including proper buddy communication, rescue techniques, and emergency procedures.
6. Static apnea: Training in static breath-hold exercises to improve breath-holding capabilities and relaxation while stationary in the water.
7. Dynamic apnea: Practicing breath-hold swimming techniques, including underwater swimming with fins, to enhance endurance and efficiency.
8. Open water dives: Conducting supervised open water dives to apply the skills learned in the course, including proper diving and recovery techniques.
By the end of the Level 1 course, you will have a solid foundation in the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for safe and enjoyable freediving.

Freediving is safe when proper training, techniques, and safety protocols are followed. In our Freediving courses you will learn Freediving safety and protocols to keep you and your dive buddy always safe!

No, there are no additional fees or expenses… but just a heads up! Once you dip your toes into freediving, be prepared to kiss your money goodbye. Trips to breathtaking locations and shiny new equipment will become irresistible.