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The world is Breathless – in the Worst of Ways

Australia (and the world for that matter) not only needs better breathwork instructors
but it needs more of them. As society moves deeper into the digital age, people are becoming more “disconnected” from real life, mother nature, and themselves.

This separation is causing havoc in their own health and happiness, fear, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and poor health are all becoming the new normal. And most of these issues have one central cause – bad breathing habits.


Breathwork Facilitator Training and Certification

I today’s modern world, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is more need than ever to assist people to find a way to ground and center themselves.

Becoming a professional breathwork instructor can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have in life. By teaching others how can to use the power of their breath to transform their own health and happiness (and get paid for it) is a win-win for everyone.

The Breathless Instructor Training is the first Breathwork Teacher Training and Certification that holistically combines the full spectrum of breathing exercise, methods and philosophies. Our approach is proven by research, tested in every environment imaginable and reinforced through a community of skilled facilitators to help you succeed.


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The Breathless Instructor Training is a complete and accredited 400hr breathwork teacher pathway.

Become world certified breathwork instructor with world class breathwork training, one on one mentorship, a supportive community and proven business growth tools

Start learning today from the comfort of your own home, all at your own pace.

30nov(nov 30)1:30 pm04dec(dec 4)11:00 amSold Out!MASTER BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA (LEVEL 2)1:30 pm - (december 4) 11:00 am(GMT+11:00) View in my timePender Lea, 1056 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

30nov(nov 30)1:30 pm04dec(dec 4)11:00 amSold Out!MASTER BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA (LEVEL 2)1:30 pm - (december 4) 11:00 am(GMT+11:00) View in my timePender Lea, 1056 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

26jan(jan 26)1:30 pm29(jan 29)11:00 amBREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA1:30 pm - 11:00 am (29)(GMT+11:00) View in my timeLake Crackenback & Pender Lea, 1650 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

23feb(feb 23)1:30 pm26(feb 26)11:00 amBREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA1:30 pm - 11:00 am (26)(GMT+11:00) View in my timeLake Crackenback & Pender Lea, 1650 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

25apr(apr 25)1:30 pm29(apr 29)11:00 amMASTER BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA (LEVEL 2)1:30 pm - 11:00 am (29)(GMT+10:00) View in my timePender Lea, 1056 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

10may(may 10)1:30 pm13(may 13)11:00 amBREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA1:30 pm - 11:00 am (13)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeLake Crackenback & Pender Lea, 1650 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

24may(may 24)1:30 pm27(may 27)11:00 amBREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA1:30 pm - 11:00 am (27)(GMT+10:00) View in my timeLake Crackenback & Pender Lea, 1650 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627, Australia

25oct(oct 25)6:00 am06dec(dec 6)6:00 amEvent has startedVirtual EventONLINE BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA(october 25) 6:00 am - (december 6) 6:00 am(GMT+11:00) View in my time

25oct(oct 25)6:00 am06dec(dec 6)6:00 amEvent has startedVirtual EventONLINE BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA(october 25) 6:00 am - (december 6) 6:00 am(GMT+11:00) View in my time

10apr(apr 10)6:00 am22may(may 22)6:00 amVirtual EventONLINE BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA(april 10) 6:00 am - (may 22) 6:00 am(GMT+10:00) View in my time

10apr(apr 10)6:00 am22may(may 22)6:00 amVirtual EventONLINE BREATHWORK FACILITATOR TRAINING AUSTRALIA(april 10) 6:00 am - (may 22) 6:00 am(GMT+10:00) View in my time

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5 Reasons to Become a Breathless Instructor

Give more, get more

Give more, get more

Teaching others the art of breathwork is the gift that keeps an giving. As a Breathless instructor, you’ll not only help others, but create deep personal connections and learn from the people who you teach on a daily basis.

create lasting change

Breathwork is the key to improving sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing the immune system, athletic and mental performance, and losing weight. And that’s just for starters…

let the science talk

let the science talk

Breathwork is founded on scientific principle that are easy to explain and simple to prove. These techniques and methods will help improve the lives of others as well as your own, with hard scientific evidence behind you.

catch the, next Big wave

Remember how mindfulness and meditation were suddenly all the rage? Breathwork is not only going to be bigger, its impact and influence are going to be ginormous.

live  better

whatever you do for a living, becoming a breathwork instructor can help boost your income (if not become your income) and give you true satisfaction by helping others to change their lives.


Gain Hands on Facilitation Experience

This step-by-step program from Australia’s leading breathwork school equips you with a transformational skillest that will set you apart as a world-class breathwork facilitator who can:


Enjoy deeply restorative meditative states – without having to sit for hours


Eliminate feeling of anxiety or depression – without using prescription drugs


Boost your mental and physical performance in all aspects of your daily life

Here's what people have to say


See what’s Inside The 3-phase Breathless Instructor Training Certification


Make a Change

This training is created to help you succeed in an easy to follow, progressive format that brings you the highest standard of online learning and hands-on experience, helping you master the art of facilitation and achieve your certification.


Breathwork Master in 3 Phases

Pay a $1000.00 downpayment and receive full access to all courses and resources.

phase 1:

online breathwork training

self placed

phase 2:

live instructor training

online or in person

phase 3:

integration program

weekly zoom meetings

a complete learning experience

Our teaching have evolved over hundreds of workshops, retreats, and training in the last decade which has grown into the world’s largest breathwork resource library.

Upon starting the course you’ll receive lifetime access to all courses and resources in the app and learning portal.

Including hundreds of studio made recordings, exclusive interviews with experts and much more.

Coming soon…

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What's include in our breathless instructor training academy

phase 1:
online breathwork training
self placed

The first phase consists of over 20 hours of Breathwork e-Learning Material, where you’ll take a deep dive into the science, data and theory, and develop a personal practice with your breath. Through our user-friendly online learning platform, you’ll discover the tools, techniques and revolutionary methods that contribute to breathwork skilled expert in breathwork.

This is the essential Basecamp phase of the training where we equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge underpinning the Face to Face Immersive Instructor Training of Phase 2.

phase 2:
immersive instructor training
4 days in person or 7 weeks online

The second phase is an all-inclusive 4-day immersive training retreat where you’ll learn and experience the transformative power of your breath.

The beautiful Snowy Mountains provides the most luscious scenery out in nature and is the perfect place for really getting to know yourself and your breath.

You’ll step into your role as a Breathwork Instructor as you learn and practise a wide range of breathing techniques, methods and tools and experience your own breakthroughs.

You’ll also meet and bond with your tribe for life; people from all different walks of life who are as passionate about breathing well and living well as you are.

At Breathless Expeditions, our philosophy rests on the idea that you can only guide people as far and as deep as you have explored yourself, which is why we take you on a journey of discovery with your own breath, followed by creating your own instructor style. 

From cold water immersion in frozen lakes, pre-dinner sauna sessions and discussions around the fireplace, to altitude training and even a breath-hold session underwater, prepare to be blown away by the power of your breath amidst like-minded people in the most stunning of settings.

phase 3:
integration program
4 weeks online

The final phase consists of a 28 day follow up program. The purpose of this program is to offer you the full support, guidance, and mentoring you’ll need to integrate your experiences of Phase 2 and propel your breathwork teaching skills and abilities out into the world. 

Over the period of 4 weeks, you’ll meet weekly with your tribe to practise your skills, discuss research findings and share your experiences. You’ll continue to breathe together and grow together! 

You’ll also participate in group mentoring and 1:1 coaching sessions with Master Instructors to ensure you stay on the right path to success.


Upon completion of the three phases you’ll be fully certified and ready to start teaching. Our instructors have taken breathwork into the educational system, from primary school to high school programs and university lectures.

The training is created with a strong focus on application in the real word. Breathless is being taught to defence, first responders and cares. Whether you want to run workshops, teach one on one sessions or bring the breath to organizations, you’ll be ready to make a change.

For those that want to pursue mastery of breath and facilitation, we have created the 400Hr Master Instructor Pathway as ongoing learning. These trainings run two times yearly.


What other say


What's covered in the training

There is a common belief that modern lifestyle plays a large role in the often dysfunctional breathing patterns found along individuals today. We will get down to the heart of the matter and explain in detail how lifestyle factors, epigenetics and neuroplasticity, but also trauma and stress impact the quality of our breathing, and more importantly, how to take matters into your own hands.

This includes a breakdown of the respiratory, nervous, endocrine and immune systems and how a well structured breathing practice serves to become the bridge between not only bodily systems and their strive towards homeostasis, balance, but also the apparent disconnect we witness all around us today. In this class, we’ll look deeper into breathing patterns and how the power of the breath can change an individual’s state. We’ll study the breathing of our ancestors, how modern society has developed “Modern-breathing” patterns and much more.

Become well-versed in the physiology of stress and how understanding a variety of breathing techniques can help you and your clients tap into a higher state of consciousness that alleviates stress and anxiety, transforms your mindset and increases productivity and creativity. You will also learn a series of techniques and approaches for diagnosing, identifying and recognizing breathing habits and patterns.

Learn to restore the natural flow of breath, by harnessing the principles of neuroplasticity, and marrying what we call the three domains of breath, Chemistry, Capacity & Cadence.

After equipping ourselves with the basics of respiratory techniques, in this class, we’ll look deeper into breathing patterns and how the power of the breath can change an individual’s state, release tension and cause lasting change.

Harness your newfound mastery of breathing chemistry, how and when to apply it and become
an alchemist for deliberate change in the quest for getting the most out of every breath. Gain insight into the biomechanical or physical aspects of breathing and explore how to reach “The perfect breath” by retraining ourselves to breathe diaphragmatically through different positions, how breathwork can release tension in the muscles and conduct breath assessments.

From why we should always try to breathe through our nose to the diaphragm (perhaps the most important yet overlooked muscle within the human body), you’ll leave knowing how to breathe your best.

After establishing the basics of respiration, we’ll look at the physiology of stress and how breathing techniques used by freedivers and yogis alike can help you to handle stress more effectively and become a more well adapted, highly functioning human being as a result.

As much as the protocols may seem different, the principles from the first recorded yogic texts on breathing to eccentric Russian doctors’ dogmatic approaches and leading sports physiologists all agree on one thing. The key lies in breathing less.

Learn to tap into secret sources of insight and clarity hidden in the untapped chambers of your ribcage and you expand your lung capacity, whilst refining the dance between Oxygen & Carbon dioxide. Learn how to apply breathwork to sports and athleticism, the boardroom and artistic endeavours.

We apply methods that allow science and spirituality to walk hand in hand towards the goals of personal healing, expanding consciousness, tapping into flow states on demand and eradicating held tension from the body.

Gain deeper insight on how to integrate, periodize and recover from deep breathing sessions. Explore important topics such as set & setting, safety and the essential components that lay the foundation for a deeply healing experience of emotional release.

Breathwork is an immensely powerful therapeutic modality. Learn how to stay centred and grounded as you explore what it means to support others through their own trauma release and transformation.

Concentrating on the neurobiology and psychology of breathing, we’ll look at how stress and changes in our environment can affect our homeostasis and how our breath becomes an essential moderator in our conscious and unconscious reactions.

Explore why the heart might hold the answer to unlocking our potential on this planet as we delve into models of therapy and schools of thought.

From the vagus nerve and polyvagal theory to heart rate variability and loads of other cool science stuff, we’ll explore how the nervous system impacts on our immune system and how regulating and restoring our breath to its natural state can help with everything from stress to asthma, eczema, autoimmune conditions and restoring harmony in our bodies.

In this class, we’ll explore how integrating breathing can act as a powerful, safe and natural self-healing process that can soothe and re-regulate the nervous system and body for greater mental, physical and emotional health.

You’ll learn how expanding the quality and quantity of breath can help clients alleviate everything mental distress, overcome physical pain, increase energy levels and transform your client’s overall wellbeing through conscious breathing.

Discover how you can connect your breathing practices to your body’s unique rhythms, but also to the rhythms of nature, the seasons and life as we explore what it means to build a long-term breathwork practice for yourself those you guide.

We’ll also delve deep into active recovery protocols, the exciting possibilities of combining breathing techniques with psychedelics, Nootropics and other modalities for creating altered states such as light and music.

How much does breathwork certification cost?

A 10 DAY Refund Policy is in place

If you start the course and feel that it is not what you were looking for, we will more than happily refund your deposit.

The total cost of the instructor training is $4899.00 AUD all inclusive.

This includes accommodation, organic food, the complete online training and certification.

The total cost of the instructor training is $2899.00 AUD all inclusive.

This online course will be available soon, add yourself to the waitlist now to be first notified when spots are available.

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the breathless team

Johannes Egberts


Johannes is an accredited alpine guide, published research author, master freediver instructor, thought leader, and breathwork obsessive.

After experiencing the transformative power of breath in his own life, he spent years studying, training and researching all kinds of breathwork methods and techniques under the guidance of world leading experts such as Wim Hof, Patrick McKeom and Laird Hamilton before setting up Breathless in 2019.

Program Coordinator

Rebekkah Nutter

Naturopath, Nutrition, Ultra Athlete, PT
& Master Breathwork Coach

Lead Facilitator & Musician

Joana Ruival

Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Musician & Master Breathwork Coach

Admin & Support

Lee Stapleton

Admin Alchemist, Breathwork Facilitator & Event Coordinator

Recruitment & Mentorship

Simon Yuen

Movement Coach, Entrepreneur & Master Breathwork Coach

Content Creation

William Solis

Body Psychotherapist, Photographer & Master Breathwork Coach


frequently asked Questions

Getting a clear understanding of your goals and helping you map out your vision and direction moving forward are a big part of the breathwork teacher training. Our breathwork facilitator course is designed so that you can begin teaching breathwork, running workshops, and producing content as soon as you qualify.

Breathwork instructor certification will be granted upon completion of the training, including support with setting up insurance, liability, and indemnity. However, as part of the training, you will already be working with friends and family and the public at large as soon as you are ready.

Johannes: For everyone who trains as a Breathless breathwork instructor, your success is mine, and I will do my best to work with you to get you setup and teaching breathwork within your first few months of qualifying. This will include framing your unique position in
the market, step-by-step processes on perfecting your offerings and helping assisting myself and other instructors in live workshops to build your confidence.

Finding the right breathwork instructor training for you is far more than a list of what you’ll get.

Is this a movement you want to be part of? Do you like the culture? Do the values resonate with you? Are these the sort of people you want to hang out with and learn with and from? Do you want to work alongside and be affiliated with this group or do you just want a fancy title? If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

But if the message, mission and values speak to you, then you will move mountains to become part of that tribe.

As part of the Breathless family, you will be a student of life, for life. Surrounding yourself with a tribe of likeminded individuals committed to growth and bringing this method to the world is as empowering as it is worthwhile.

This is not just another personal development seminar or self-help course that promises the goods just as soon as you buy ‘the next course’. Our breathwork facilitator training is of the highest standard, with the promise not only will this be the last breathwork instructor course you’ll ever need to take but also that you will be part of a movement and a tribe who share your goals, aspirations and determination to help people learn to help themselves.

Johannes: I obtained 10 breathwork certificates before starting Breathless. Travelling the world on a shoestring, always looking to get myself in the right room, at the right time, asking the right question, I learned more about the art and science of breathing and myself then I imagined was possible but what I really took away was the importance of culture and community.

The idea that certain methods or individuals are holding onto the key, the secret or the undivulged wisdom is outdated. We’re all looking at the same research papers, distilling the same principles into practices and drawing from the greats that have come before us.

What matters most is the people, the community and the connections.

At Breathless, we offer all that and world class breathwork instructor training.

A breathwork instructor is committed to sharing and developing the world of breathing exercises. Past students guide breathwork sessions for groups in the form of workshops, teaching in the workplace and schools, coaching sports teams and yoga practitioners and working with the general public. Other breathwork instructors incorporate breathing practices into their existing work as coaches, naturopaths, health practitioners and counsellors.

For some, becoming a breathwork instructor simply means a lifelong commitment to breathing the best they can.

For others, it’s about helping their families and loved ones make the most of every breath.

The 3 month breathwork instructor training program is broken down into three phases.

Upon signing up, you will create your profile and gain access to our training platform. There you’ll find study materials, including the instructor manual, our extensive resource library, guided breathing practices and so much more.

Phase 1 consists of 10 hours of pre-recorded lectures. These are to be viewed in your own time during the course.

Phase 2 brings us together for a 5 day immersion in person training. This unique retreat brings together the practice and theory through intensive workshops, stimulating discussions and adventures in nature as you connect further with yourself and your new tribe.

Phase 3 is where you apply everything you’ve learned through our 28 day Boundless Breathwork program. You’ll receive daily recorded breathing sessions, keep a breathwork journal and join the weekly calls or view recordings if you can’t make a session. You’ll also have a mentoring session to start mapping out your pathway as a breathwork instructor.

Sign up to one of the upcoming Breathwork Instructor Trainings through the booking platform. These are listed by the dates for the 5-day immersion, but as soon as you book in you’ll receive full access to the portal, books and practices. Create your profile on the learning portal and you’re all set.

In commitment to our long term vision, we’ve built the most comprehensive learning platform in the breathwork movement to date. Inside our rapidly growing resource library, there are lectures, guided breathwork sessions and online seminars to which you will have unlimited access as a Breathless breathwork instructor.

However, we are not here to push you into anything for which you are not ready for. The 10 hours of self study materials, which are prerequisite to breathwork certification, have been adapted to suit all learning styles. Complex lectures have also been recorded in conversational podcasts to suit those with limited time and busy lifestyles. The learning platform is designed to be highly practical and compelling so as to aid in your own transformation, build your confidence and enhance your competence to become the best breathwork instructor you can be.

We want this training to be accessible to anyone who feels drawn to this work which is why we offer our breathwork instructor training.

The growth of our community, the chance to help people transform their lives and opportunity to inspire excellence in this industry is way above any financial gain.

Whilst we provide the highest possible standard of training to all levels of breathwork facilitators, we are not interested in running an elite club. We’re in this for the long run.

Some instructors will go on to run a wildly successful breathwork businesses, others will simply reap the rewards of being part of a positive movement that supports all areas of life.

We believe is that any professional not teaching breath right now is missing out on having impact, purpose and profit. Those purporting to be breathwork instructors with little or no training are causing damage to the viability of this work.

What we need is a higher standard and those willing to invest in themselves will lead the way.

We will provide intricate guidelines on pricing and establishing the value of your work as well as business coaching, marketing advice and more.

Put simply, you can expect to earn your investment back within the first 2 months of teaching.

Johannes: I built a 6 figure business from scratch in my first year of teaching. I then
invested every single dollar straight back into my learning and development as a breathing instructor, and to this day, I still do. I am committed to your success as much as you are. For me, money has never been the driving factor behind my teaching. It became simply a by-product of building the lifestyle, tribe and purpose of my dreams.

10% of all our profits are donated towards the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon Rainforest. This means that you’re helping support two of nature’s greatest oxygen providers and protecting these wonders for future generations as well as equipping yourself to do transformational work in others’ lives.

The field of breathwork is one of the most rapidly expanding lifestyle practices today.

With the mindfulness, yoga and meditation movements already established, breath is the new movement and it is here to stay.

More and more people are waking up to the idea that conscious breathing is one of the most powerful remedies to our modern human condition.

We are at a unique point in time where science has finally caught up with spirituality.

This is an opportunity for breathwork instructors to connect the fields of ancient wisdom with modern applications and help people optimise every breath they take, take responsibility for their own personal healing, expand their consciousness and become more grounded, centred human beings.

Any questions or doubts before signing up?

Book a free call with Johannes to see if this program is right for you.

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