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Ready to transform lives as a breathwork practitioner?

“Breathless Expeditions is Australia’s leading Breathwork Movement and offers a cutting-edge Breathwork Facilitator Training for anyone who is looking to become a Breathwork Practitioner. The #1 goal of this online program is to provide expertise in the art of breathing, the science behind breathwork and elite-performance practices.”

The pressure of modern life in the 21st century can consist of highly stressful environments, anxiety, depression and a lack of sleep.

Bodies, minds and nervous systems are out of balance, impacting people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  

Yet we all hold the magic key to changing this – breath awareness.

Our breath is the first to respond to any changes in our emotional or physical state. With breathwork mastery, we all have the ability to find balance and navigate the world with conscious connected breathing. 

Becoming a breathwork practitioner can be one of your most rewarding personal or professional experiences. As we take a deep dive during our time together, you’ll discover how breathwork training can help, heal and transform individuals.

You will continue to thrive with your online tribe and the Breathless family beyond graduation with ongoing support for professional development and lifetime access to the academy portal. The community and connection that awaits will be instrumental in your personal and professional growth.

At Breathless Expeditions, we offer Australia’s most comprehensive breathwork facilitator training. You’ll graduate being able to confidently and competently facilitate breathwork classes, workshops or retreats and hold space as a group facilitator. It is a professional path, that guarantees a world of opportunity when you become a breathwork group facilitator.


The first phase consists of over 20 hours of Breathwork e-Learning Material, where you’ll take a deep dive into the science, data and theory, and develop a personal practice with your breath. Through our user-friendly, online e-learning academy, you’ll discover the tools, techniques and revolutionary methods that contribute to becoming a skilled expert in breathwork.

This is the essential basecamp phase of the training where we equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge underpinning the seven week online course.


The second phase is where you’ll learn and experience the transformative power of your breath.

We will meet weekly on a Wednesday for 90 mins via zoom where you’ll step into your role as a Breathwork Instructor as you learn and practise a wide range of breathing techniques, methods and tools and experience your own breakthroughs.

We will also meet four Fridays (optional) for 60 mins via zoom and be introduced to master instructors in the industry who share their gifts and strategies for successful business platforms. Each session will also allow time for Q&A’s.

At Breathless Expeditions, our philosophy rests on the idea that you can only guide people as far and as deep as you have explored yourself, which is why we take you on a journey of discovery with your own breath, followed by creating your own instructor style. 

Prepare to be blown away by the power of your breath amidst like-minded people from the comfort of your own environment, whereever that may be in the world.


At Breathless Expeditions, we are on a mission to help as many people as possible breathe better.

In order to do this, we have created our very own Breathwork Academy. By training highly motivated, forward thinking individuals to become exceptional breathwork facilitators, we can share the Breathless experience in a way that is powerful, progressive and personal.

We also donate 10% of all our profits towards the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon Rainforest. This means that you’re helping support two of nature’s greatest oxygen providers and protecting these wonders for future generations as well as equipping people to do transformational work in the lives of others.


“I recently completed my instructor training in the snowy mountains with Johannes and team and wow, what an experience. I have learnt a wealth of knowledge about the breath and on top of that had many personal breakthroughs during and after the experience. As someone in the industry already the learning was invaluable and I have already started implementing my learning with clients. The whole process has been wonderful in terms of integration including a 4 week period of continued learning and support. Can’t wait to get back to the mountains to complete my master instructor course! Thankyou breathless.”Carly Edwards

“It might be an over used term but this was truly life changing. The amount of time and effort Johannes has put into developing this course becomes very apparent before you even arrive and continues to show well after you leave. There’s so much information and detail involved and it’s delivered in a way that is very graspable, transparent, and demonstrated on the practical level. The balance between west and eastern science + philosophy and various breath practices was also structured in a way that encourages learning in a safe and supportive environment. The support team were equally amazing as was the venue, food, and overall experience. Recommend it to each and everyone whether you want to be an instructor or just have the experience itself :)”Jacob McCue

“One of the most in depth, well researched and transformational trainings I’ve been too. Johannes and team have put together a course and an experience that is actually beyond expectations. I particularly loved the mix of science, practice, spirituality, mindset and LOVE that they brought to the table. And on top of that, you get to reclaim your natural way of breathing and change your life. What else can you ask for? Thank you Johannes and Breathless Expeditions.” Laura Gutierrez



Breathwork is simple, accessible and profound. We teach you about the proven scientific principles that you can easily share with others. You’ll learn to work with techniques and apply principles that will impact people’s lives significantly. Click here if you would like to see founder, Johannes Egberts, in action practicing these methods.


Do you remember when Mindfulness & Meditation became the hottest topic in today’s society? Breathwork is here to stay and it’s impacting an extensive range of people from all different ages, backgrounds and walks of life.


Breathwork holds the keys to improved sleep, combatting stress and anxiety, greater immunity, enhanced athletic and mental performance, and even weight loss. ….and that’s just the beginning.


Regardless of which field you work in, whether you work in health, science, education or somewhere in between, becoming a Breathwork Practitioner gives you an extra skill that you can easily monetise.


Breathwork is a gift that keeps giving. By teaching others from a place of your own authentic experiences, you have the opportunity to help yourself and others and create meaningful connections that can last a lifetime.


  • 7 Weeks of Online Training
  • 100 hours of Breathwork practice
  • 20 Hours of pre-recorded learning materials
  • 21 Day Master Your Breath Program
  • Exclusive membership offer to the Inspiration Program for ongoing mentoring, business planning and coaching workshops
  • Professional support + guidance
  • Lifetime access to the Breathless Academy eLearning platform

Sign up today and join Australia’s premier online breathwork training with Johannes Egberts

Once you complete the breathwork facilitator training program, you’ll graduate fully qualified to teach breathwork classes, workshops and retreats confidently and competently. You also receive accredited certification from Breathless Expeditions.



July 10, 2024 7:00 am - August 28, 2024 7:00 am(GMT+10:00)

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  • Johannes Egberts

    Johannes Egberts


    Breathless Expeditions

    Breathless Expeditions Founder Johannes Egberts is considered Australia’s Leading Breathwork Instructor.

    Johannes’s inspiring life journey is punctuated by seeking the positives in every situation, a thirst for self-discovery and a love for unconventional experiences.

    Despite a challenging childhood, he discovered something unexpected that would alter the direction of his life forever – controlled breathing.

    Breathwork immediately resonated with Johannes, and he relentlessly cultivated knowledge on the subject and acquired more than ten breathwork certifications.

    His holistic wellness brand, Breathless Expeditions, has led the breathwork movement in Australia, inspiring thousands of people across the globe since 2018.

    He is predominately known for his Breathwork Instructor Training programs and for creating unique experiences in the corporate world.

    He offers experiences to every industry for fostering team building and life resilience with an impressive clientele portfolio ranging from professional athletes to renowned authors and high-profile. Click here for Corporate Wellness Opportunities.

    Netherlands-born, he has trainined 20,000+ in breathwork, published scientific research and trained more than 300 instructors.




Payment Options
  • 3 x interest-free payments
    • 3 x interest-free payments $1,099.67 Instructor Training Online

Price $3,299.00

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Total Price $3,299.00



Getting a clear understanding of your goals and helping you map out your vision and direction moving forward are a big part of the training. The course is designed so that you can begin teaching, running workshops and producing content as soon as you qualify. International certification will be granted upon completion of the training, including support with setting up insurance, liability and indemnity. However, as part of the training, you will already be working with friends and family and the public at large as soon as you are ready. You will quickly expand your network of other breathwork practitioners who you could start training with before you receive an official diploma of breathwork and start working with your own clients.  Johannes: “For everyone who trains as a Breathless instructor, your success is mine, and I will do my best to work with you to get you set up and teaching within your first few months of qualifying. This will include framing your unique position in the market, step-by-step processes on perfecting your offerings and helping assisting myself and other breathwork practitioners in live workshops to build your confidence.”



Finding the right training for you is far more than a list of what you’ll get. Is this a movement you want to be part of? Do you like the culture? Do the values resonate with you? Are these the sort of people you want to hang out with and learn with and from? Do you want to work alongside and be affiliated with this group or do you just want a fancy title? Is a world of many courses does this offering meet you in your personal journey If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. But if the message, mission and values speak to you, then you will move mountains to become part of that tribe. As part of the Breathless family, you will be a student of life, for life. Surrounding yourself with a tribe of like-minded individuals committed to growth and bringing this method to the world is as empowering as it is worthwhile. This is not just another personal development seminar or self-help course that promises the goods just as soon as you buy ‘the next course’. Our training is of the highest standard, with the promise not only will this be the last breathwork course you’ll ever need to take but also that you will be part of a movement and a tribe that share your goals, aspirations and determination to help people learn to help themselves. Johannes: I obtained 10 breathwork certificates before starting Breathless. Travelling the world on a shoestring, always looking to get myself in the right room, at the right time, asking the right question, I learned more about the art and science of breathing and myself than I imagined was possible, but what I really took away was the importance of culture and community. The idea that specific methods or individuals hold the key, the secret or the undivulged wisdom is outdated. We’re all looking at the same research papers, distilling the same principles into practices and drawing from the greats that have come before us. What matters most is the people, the community and the connections. At Breathless, we offer all that and world-class training. Breathless shapes the future of the Australian Breathwork industry.



A Breathwork trainer is committed to sharing and developing the world of breathing exercises. Past students guide breathwork sessions for groups in the form of workshops, teaching in the workplace and schools, coaching sports teams and yoga practitioners and working with the general public. Other instructors incorporate breathing practices into their existing work as coaches, naturopaths, health practitioners and counsellors. For some, becoming an instructor simply means a lifelong commitment to breathing the best they can. For others, it’s about helping their families and loved ones make the most of every breath.



The 3 month instructor training program is broken down into three phases. Upon signing up, you will create your profile and gain access to the Breathless Adacemy. There you’ll find study materials from Breathwork Master Trainer Johannes Egberts, an extensive resource library, guided breathing practices and so much more. Phase 1 consists of 20 hours of pre-recorded lectures. These are to be viewed in your own time during the course. Phase 2 is delivered virtually over a period of 7 weeks. This phase brings together the practice and theory through intensive workshops, stimulating discussions and virtual breathwork adventures as you connect further with yourself and your new tribe. Phase 3 is where you apply everything you’ve learned through our 28 day program.



In commitment to our vision, we’ve built the most comprehensive learning platform in the breathwork movement to date. Inside our rapidly growing resource library, there are lectures, guided breath work sessions and online seminars to which you will have unlimited access as a Breathless Trainer. However, we are not here to push you into anything for which you are not ready for. The 20 hours of e-learning materials, which are prerequisites to the international certification, have been adapted to suit all learning styles. Complex lectures have also been recorded in conversational podcasts to suit those with limited time and busy lifestyles. The learning platform is designed to be highly practical and compelling to aid in your transformation, build your confidence, focus and enhance your competence to become the best facilitator you can be.



We want this training to be accessible to anyone who feels drawn to this work which is why we offer our breathwork instructor training. The growth of our community, the chance to help people transform their lives and the opportunity to inspire excellence in this industry is way above any financial gain. Whilst we provide the highest possible standard of training to all levels of facilitators, we are not interested in running an elite club. We’re in this for the long run. Some instructors will go on to run a wildly successful breathwork businesses, others will simply reap the rewards of being part of a positive movement that supports all areas of life. We believe is that any professional not teaching breath right now is missing out on having impact, purpose and profit. Those purporting to be breathwork instructors with little or no training are causing damage to the viability of this work. What we need is a higher standard and those willing to invest in themselves will lead the way. We will provide intricate guidelines on pricing and establishing the value of your work as well as business coaching, marketing advice and more. Put simply, you can expect to earn your investment back within the first 2 months of teaching. Johannes: I built a 6 figure business from scratch in my first year of teaching. I then invested every single dollar straight back into my learning and development as a breathing instructor, and to this day, I still do. I am committed to your success as much as you are. For me, money has never been the driving factor behind my teaching. It became simply a by-product of building the lifestyle, tribe and purpose of my dreams. 10% of all our profits are donated towards the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon Rainforest. This means that you’re helping support two of nature’s greatest oxygen providers and protecting these wonders for future generations as well as equipping yourself to do transformational work in others’ lives.



Breathless Expeditions is running multiple breathwork trainer training through the year. Have a look at the upcoming events on our website that will provide a full list of all available dates for you to become a breathwork mastery trainer.



The field of breathwork is one of the most rapidly expanding lifestyle practices today. With the mindfulness, yoga and meditation movements already established, breath is the new movement and it is here to stay. More and more people are waking up to the idea that conscious breathing is one of the most powerful remedies to our modern human condition. There is so much demand to support our communities with trauma, managing emotions and heart intelligence. We are at a unique time when science has finally caught up with spirituality. This is an opportunity for breathwork instructors to connect the fields of ancient wisdom with modern applications and help people optimise every breath they take, take responsibility for their own personal healing, expand their consciousness and become more grounded, centred human beings.



DISCLAIMER: Breathwork offers many potential benefits, but certain conditions may create risks for some individuals. It is essential to read all questions in Breathless Waiver above carefully before deciding if Breathwork is right for you, and let your health practitioner know about any concerns before participating. There are some contraindications including but not limited to pregnancy, glaucoma, high blood pressure not controlled with medication, cardiovascular disease, aneurysm in the brain or abdomen, uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes, asthma (if you have an inhaler, bring it to the session), epilepsy, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia diagnosis or previous psychiatric hospitalisation within the last ten years; other medical or physical conditions that impair the ability to engage in intense physical/emotional release.

A positive answer does not necessarily exclude you from participating but may require medical clearance first. So, carefully reviewing all questions in the waiver and indicating any relevant personal situations before engaging in Breathwork activities is essential.

Breathless Expeditions: Refunds & Cancellations Policy

 Instructor Courses, Expeditions & Freediving Retreats (including Online Instructor Course)

Welcome to Breathless Expeditions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional experiences while ensuring clarity and transparency in all our transactions. This Refunds & Cancellations Policy outlines our approach to refunds and cancellations, reflecting our commitment to fairness and customer satisfaction.


Please note: This policy is subject to change from time to time to reflect our evolving practices or regulatory requirements. We encourage our clients to review the policy periodically for any updates.


Last Updated: 15 February 2024


By engaging with our services and making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to the terms laid out in this policy. We strive to balance the interests of both Breathless Expeditions and our valued clients, ensuring that the terms are reasonable, fair, and clearly communicated.


Timing of payments 


Please be advised that full payment for any of our offerings is required six weeks prior to the commencement of the service or event, except for those customers who have opted for a payment plan arrangement. This policy ensures that we can manage our bookings and associated costs effectively, especially for arrangements that require advance commitments such as accommodation, food and appropriate staff for events and expeditions.


  1. Deposits are refundable until the expiry of a cooling-off period of 14 days.
  2. If you have made the full payment and wish to cancel with at least 60 days’ notice prior to the course, expedition or retreat start date, you will receive a full refund less your deposit as stated above.
  3. If you have made the full payment and wish to cancel at least 30 to 59 days prior to a retreat start date, you will receive a 50% refund less your deposit 
  4. Cancellations within 29 days of the start date may receive a 15% refund (less the deposit) if the spot can be filled; otherwise, the payment is non-refundable. 

Deposits are defined as either a $1,000 prepayment or the first (and possibly second) payment plan instalment that cumulatively equals at least $1,000. This deposit is non-refundable after a 14-day cooling-off period.

Payment Plans

We believe our transformative experiences should be accessible to everyone. Our payment plans are designed to provide financing options for those unable to pay upfront, though they incur additional costs due to the interest charged to offset our risk. The same cancellation fees as outlined above apply to clients on payment plans. This means:

  • After the initial deposit, a 14-day cooling-off period is included, during which a full refund can be claimed and all access removed.
  • All subsequent payments are non-refundable. Early termination of the agreement by a participant or client necessitates the payment of all remaining dues. Failure to complete the payment may result in the removal of course access.
  • Each monthly instalment is due every 30 days from the initial deposit date. Clients are obligated to fulfil all payments, even if the agreement is terminated early by the client, subject to the terms herein, including potential late payment fees for delayed payments.

This policy aims to clarify the terms surrounding payments, cancellations, and refunds, ensuring transparency and understanding for all our clients.

We look forward to sharing in experiences together.