Becoming a Certified Breathwork Facilitator at Breathless

Are you ready to go where you feel most alive? 

To truly breathe in fresh air and along with it, newfound passion, perspective and purpose, into your life? 

By today’s standards, modern living for many, consists of highly stressful environments, anxiety, depression and a lack of sleep, exercise and time outdoors or in nature. Bodies, Minds and Nervous Systems are out of balance which impacts on people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.  

Our breath is the first to respond to any changes in our emotional state and within each and every one of us, is the ability to control our breath to help us find balance and ultimately navigate the world with more presence and harmony. 

By becoming a Breathless Instructor, you will be helping others to reconnect with themselves and their inner nature and transform their lives in a plethora of ways. 

You’ll also become part of a tribe of other like-minded individuals who are seeking to help others and change lives through the power of breath. 

At Breathless, we offer the most comprehensive and integrative training available and you’ll graduate fully qualified to facilitate breathwork classes, workshops and retreats with complete confidence and competence.


20 Hours – Start anytime

The first phase consists of over 20 hours of Online Breathwork Masterclass, where you’ll dive into the science, data and theory, and develop a personal practice with your breath. Through our User-Friendly online learning platform and app, you’ll discover the tools, techniques and revolutionary methods that contribute to the development of a skilled expert in breathwork. 

This is the essential Basecamp phase of the training where we equip you with the fundamental knowledge underpinning the Face to Face Immersive Instructor Training of Phase 2.


5 Unforgettable Days

The second phase is an all-inclusive 5-day immersive training retreat where you’ll learn and experience the transformative power of your breath.

The beautiful Snowy Mountains provide the most luscious scenery out in nature and is the perfect place for really getting to know yourself and your breath. 

You’ll step into your role as a Breathwork Instructor as you learn and practice a wide range of breathing techniques, methods and tools and experience your own breakthroughs. You’ll also meet and bond with your tribe for life; people from all different walks of life who are as passionate about breathing well and living well as you are. 

At Breathless, our philosophy rests on the idea that you can only guide people as far and as deep as you have explored yourself, which is why we take you on a journey of discovery with your own breath, followed by the discovery and creating of your own instructor style. 

From cold water immersion in frozen lakes, pre-dinner sauna sessions and discussions around the fireplace, to altitude training and even a breath-hold session underwater, prepare to be blown away by the power of your breath amidst like minded people in the most stunning of settings.


4 Weeks

The final phase consists of a 28 day follow up program, we call it the Inspiration Program. The purpose of this program is to offer you the full support, guidance, and mentoring you’ll need to integrate your experiences of Phase 2 and propel your breathwork teaching skills and abilities out into the world. 

Over the period of 4 weeks, you’ll meet weekly with your tribe to practice your skills, discuss research findings and share your experiences. You’ll continue to breathe together and grow together! 

You’ll also participate in group mentoring and 1:1 coaching sessions with Master Breathless Instructors to ensure you stay on the right path to success.

Our Mission

At Breathless, we are on a mission to help as many people as possible breathe better.

In order to do this, we have created our very own Breathwork Academy. By training highly motivated, forward thinking individuals to become exceptional Breathwork Instructors, we can share the Breathless experience with the greater good in a way that is powerful, progressive and personal.

We also donate 10% of all our profits towards the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon Rainforest. This means that you’re helping support two of nature’s greatest oxygen providers and protecting these wonders for future generations as well as equipping yourself to do transformational work in the lives of others.

Become a Breathless Instructor

Becoming a professional breathwork instructor can be one of life’s most transformative and fulfilling experiences! 

Imagine the rewarding possibilities of teaching others how to harness their own potential and power through their breath, to optimise their joy, health and wellbeing. 

Simply put, the potential of Breathwork is multi-faceted and it is universal, accessible and powerful in many different situations. Regardless of where you are at in your journey, whether you’re looking at developing your skills as a Breathwork Instructor for your own personal reasons or looking at adding this to already existing business offerings, then this is the perfect training academy for you.

“Breathless instructor training is Australia’s leading program in breathwork education. The #1 goal of this popular 3-phase program is to offer you the latest in the art of breathing, scientific insights, elite-performance practices, cutting-edge breathwork methods – and so much more.”

This immersive and thorough program will provide you with all the background information, explicit instruction and supportive mentoring that you’ll need in order to become a successful Breathwork Instructor. At the completion of this exclusive training, you’ll develop a complete and holistic understanding of breathwork and learn how to use it both personally and professionally with new clients.

You’ll also get the opportunity to…

  • Understand where the Magic and Science of Breathwork merge together,
  • Hold space and facilitate 1-on-1 and group Breathwork sessions,
  • Develop your repertoire of Breathwork tools for application in various circumstances, 
  • Experience and deliver Breathwork techniques to bust through physical, mental and emotional blockages,
  • Learn about Breathwork and its impact on essential areas of daily living,
  • Facilitate our signature Breath and Ice Workshops as well as your own experiences,
  • Develop your confidence in working with clientelle from diverse backgrounds – from gyms and sports teams, to corporations and educators and many more. 

Why Should You Become a Breathless Breathwork Instructor?

Australia (and the world for that matter) not only needs better breathwork instructors, but it needs more of them. As society moves deeper into the digital age, people are becoming more “disconnected” from real life, mother nature, and themselves.

This separation is causing havoc in their own health and happiness. Fear, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, burnout and poor health are all becoming the new normal. And most of these issues have one central cause – bad breathing habits.

“When you become a professional breathwork instructor, you’ll help others in a profound way that’s greatly needed in today’s ‘hustle and bustle’ world. Teaching conscious breathing is like teaching a new form of yoga that will never go away.”

Breathwork is part of the next incoming wave that will sweep through society to uplift, up-level and transform lives. 

Wouldn’t you like to catch onto that wave before everyone else does and create a monumental impact within your own community? 

What’s Included In Our Breathwork Instructor Training Academy

The Breathwork Instructor Training Academy is a 3 PHASE educational program that’s spread out over the course of 3 months. There will be only 4 of these trainings available per year. This training is an intensive, yet practical training, that’ll cover all the most important aspects of learning and applying breathwork techniques for yourself and your own clients.

As well as our in depth resource library and learning platform, we will provide you with all the necessary information, instruction, guidance, mentoring, science based healing practices and guided meditative techniques you’ll need to succeed:

  • 5 day all-inclusive breathwork training retreat
  • 100 hours of Breathwork practice
  • 20 Hours of pre-recorded learning materials
  • 28 Day breathwork program
  • Mentoring, business planning and coaching workshops
  • Professional support + guidance
  • Lifetime access to the quickly growing learning platform

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Becoming a Breathless Instructor


Breathwork is simple, accessible and profound. We teach you about the proven scientific principles that you can easily share with others. You’ll learn to work with techniques and apply principles that will impact people’s lives significantly.


Do you remember when Mindfulness and Meditation became the hottest topic in today’s society? Breathwork is here to stay and it’s impacting an extensive range of people from all different ages, backgrounds and walks of life.


Breathwork holds the keys to improved sleep, combatting stress and anxiety, greater immunity, enhanced athletic and mental performance, and even weight loss. And that’s just the beginning!


Regardless of which field you work in, whether you work in health, science, education or somewhere in between, becoming a Breathwork Instructor gives you an extra skill that you can easily monetize.


Breathwork is a gift that keeps giving! By teaching others from a place of your own authentic experiences, you have the opportunity to help yourself and others and create meaningful connections that can last a lifetime. 

Meet Johannes: Your Breathless Instructor

“Over the past decade, I’ve experimented and developed diverse breathwork methods, training tools and techniques to find an effective healing approach that has earnt me recognition as Australia’s leading Breathwork instructor.

From hands-on acupressure, in-depth insights, to beautiful live music, movement, guided breathwork meditations and functional, physical and psychological coaching techniques, this interactive course derives from my own personal experiences and bundles of practical, theoretical and entertaining educational tools needed to help you on your journey to becoming an incredible breathwork coach.”

“The soul lives there in the silent breath”

Johannes’s inspiring life journey is punctuated by seeking the positives in every situation, a thirst for self-discovery and a love for unconventional experiences.

Despite a challenging childhood, he discovered something unexpected that would alter the direction of his life forever – controlled breathing.

Breathwork immediately resonated with Johannes, and he relentlessly cultivated knowledge on the subject from brilliant minds such as Wim Hof, Laird Hamilton etc and acquired more than ten breathwork certifications.

His holistic wellness brand, Breathless Expeditions, has led the breathwork movement in Australia and inspired thousands of people across the globe since 2018.

With world-renowned clientele such as David Goggins, Ludovico Einaudi, A-League Sports Teams, and some of Australia’s largest companies including PwC’s The Outside event flipping professional development, team building and life reslience experiences on its head, the future is brighter than ever for Johannes and Breathless.

For additional inspiration visit his youtube channel.

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