Breathwork Instructor Training: A Breath of Fresh Air into Learning and Life

What does it mean to become a Breathless Breathwork Instructor? 

What does a Breathwork Instructor do? 

Why does someone become a Breathwork Instructor?

These are some questions that I asked myself before signing up for the Breathwork Instructor Training and I’d like to share some reflections of my experience of this life-changing, personal and professional development journey. 

Setting Up Basecamp

At first, I thought I was signing up for another certification; Acquiring knowledge, techniques and skills so that I could help myself breathe better and self-regulate. On first glance, it looked like several days’ getaway with an online learning platform to complete beforehand.

One of my early personal development Teachers once said to me that, “a course begins the moment you sign up, not the moment that you arrive”. 

Just like embarking on any kind of adventure, you’ve got preparation to do, so that you can get yourself ready for the conditions of the journey. 

The first time that I logged into the Breathless learning portal, I saw the mountain of learning modules that awaited. I could really see how thorough and diverse the course was. This helped to emphasise how crucial the preparation phase of this journey was going to be. 

It was phenomenal to learn about breathing and topics including; 

– Breath and links to the past, present and future, 

– Links to our Brain, Heart, Physiology and Nervous System and 

– A  wide range of different breathing techniques.

As I progressed through the learning material, I recognised the impact that this knowledge was having on how I was breathing everyday and what I was really preparing for in the next two phases of the Breathwork Instructor Training. This material alone was monumental in leading me towards significant life-changes! 

The Journey and Process

The next phase of this journey was the in-person training. 

Upon arriving at the Breathless Instructor Training I was introduced to new like-minded people and through hearing their stories and their motivations, it helped me to put my own motivations into perspective too. I was becoming aware of the avalanche of ways that Breathwork could be implemented to help change the lives of myself and others!

Being in the company of others with a similar passion for learning about Breathwork was really motivating too. When you’re on any kind of adventure, you bond with your peers and those that you are travelling with, not simply because you are participating together, but your time with them offers you opportunities to share space, be vulnerable, accepted and embraced for who you are and what you bring to the group. There were plenty of tears, moments of bonding and experiences that were simply breath-taking. 

Being in an immersive experience, surrounded by the beautiful, lush scenery of the Snowy Mountains was such an exhilarating experience. At the time of the training, you might think that you’re there to learn some new techniques or attain a certification, but the reality is, you’re in an environment where you are literally living and breathing the principles and protocols that make the Breathless Instructor Training what it is. 

The experience of the in-person Instructor Training was highly engaging, interactive and an experience unlike any other! I love the philosophy behind the Breathless Instructor Training that is based upon training you to be like a tour guide, so that you can lead others to where you have been. Without the full range of experiences offered in the Instructor Training, I believe that it would be very difficult to come from a place of integrity in one’s own practice as a Breathwork Instructor. 

You’re learning to weave these into your everyday life because as an Instructor, you’re not simply the guide because you are facilitating a breath and ice group or leading a class or workshop, you are an Instructor because you live and lead by example. 

What makes the Breathwork Instructor Training such a potent container for growth amongst many individuals, is the level of commitment and dedication to Breathwork that the facilitating team of Instructors displays during this time together at the in-person training. 

At one end of the spectrum, you’ll appreciate the level of support offered by the team of guiding instructors and at another end of the spectrum, you’ll be inspired by the connection that you form with them. You’ll learn about their challenges, successes, stories and motivations and it’s through these authentic interactions that you’ll appreciate and acknowledge the possibility and potential  of breathing the breath of fresh air that awaits you in your own life too.

In the space of several days, you may experience all kinds of discoveries about the breath and your own life. One thing for sure is that through showing up for yourself, sharing the journey with Others and engaging with Breathwork in a diverse range of contexts, is really just the beginning. 

A Breath of Fresh Air Into Life

Following the In-Person Training, was a supported Integration period of weekly group calls, regular discussions and ongoing connection. This could be likened to being guided to the top of a mountain, being taught the skills to traverse the terrain and starting to seek out your own personal mountains to scale. So far, this form of correspondence has been quite motivating and inspiring as there has been growing opportunities to connect in-person, continue learning and participate in different Breathless events afterwards. 

While the attention of the group dynamics shifts from In-Person to Online, the power and presence of the group is definitely just as strong. Instructors can relish in the fact that they’ve become a part of a tribe that each share similar passion and potential, drive and desire for better breathing, living-above-the-line and sharing it with their own worlds. 

In hindsight, I went in expecting my experience to take on the form of one perspective and returned home with a broadened perspective that really inspired me to continue my learning and growth through Breathwork. It has been like discovering the missing puzzle piece in living an optimal life and bridging all the gaps between what one innately knows and expresses.  

Experiencing it for myself during the training, I was shown a glimpse of really how diverse Breathwork could be. At a time where I was seeking new direction and purpose, the Breathless Instructor Training literally breathed fresh air back into my life. It ignited a spark of curiousity and determination to learn to breathe better in order to ultimately live better. 

If you’re looking to embark on a new adventure, explore new discoveries about yourself, welcome new passion, perspective and people into your life and show up as your best in life, perhaps this is the journey that awaits you? 

Nathan Ho is a passionate Breathwork Instructor who is highly-driven to explore and teach about the applications of functional breathing in School-Based Education, Skateboarding and Spiritual Development.

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