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“Get Ready to Master The Fine Art of Sailing, Freediving & Breathwork in One All-Inclusive Luxurious Adventure of a Lifetime” Dive Into The Warm Tropical Waters off the Whitsunday Islands & Discover a Magical Underwater World Unlike Any Other! * No Experience Required! Anyone Can Join! Make It Your Dream Holiday! * We’re Setting Sail on May 17, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. (For 5 Sunny Days + 5 Starlit Nights) Explore Colorful Coral Reefs, Watch Beautiful Marine Life & Enjoy a Taste of Luxury + Healthy Meals   What’s not to love? During this 5-day, 5-night luxurious adventure, you’ll not only

Explore the majestical, tropical waters of this Wonder of the World. Learn how to Freedive and Sail. About this event Join us for 6 days and 5 nights of luxury aboard Catamaran “Allegro” As we dive into the depths of the beautiful waters of the Whitsunday Islands and it’s thriving marine life Explore coral reefs and huge coral structures, overhangs, swim throughs and thousands of beautiful marine creatures With Specialised Theory & Workshops for those interested in learning to Freedive and progressively Line Dive - we’re providing personalized coaching to everyone and their current ability   Dive

7 DAY SUPERCHARGE: Breathe Less, Live Better

7 Days of breathwork, contrast exposure training, meditations, and other active recovery principles specifically designed to support you to ascend to the next level