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20 Years Of Zen
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Dealing With Stress in Today's World is Hard.
We Make it Easier, Manageable and Doable.

Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive.
Because what the world needs is more people
who have come alive.


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What Others Say about this experience

This was the first breathwork session I have done that integrated several different techniques and am blown away by how effective it was. Absolutely love what you are doing and will be looking forward to doing the full course in the near future.

The best breathwork experience I’ve ever had….not during but after, the relaxation I felt was amazing.

Absolutely amazing, will be doing the training as i want to become a breathwork instructor

it was my first time and i loved it – i cant wait to do it again – i felt so greatful – i havent felt that in a very long time

A much more intense experience than i was expecting! I look forward to a session in person – appreciate the accessibility of online though

So passionate, inspiring, knowledgeable. Johannes speaks so well, clearly, personally, and friendly. The session was well structured with stories, education, science, and practise.

I have been doing a lot of healing work on some childhood trauma, this session feels like it galvanised some of my healing. Thank you so much.


Who Is Johannes and
Why Join This Experience?

Breathless Expeditions Founder Johannes Egberts is considered Australia’s leading breathwork instructor.

Offering experiences fostering team building and life resilience to clientele ranging from professional athletes to renowned authors and high-profile companies.

Netherlands-born, he has trained more than 20,000 people in breathwork, published scientific research and trained more than 300 breathwork instructors.


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