Ice Bath & Breathwork | Rozelle | With Johannes Egberts

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Join our Breathwork & Ice Bath Experience

“A breath of love can take you all the way to infinity” – Rumi


Stress, illness, anxiety, lack of sleep, too much screen time and too little outdoor time in nature – the modern world influences the way we breathe and the way we live on every tangible level. All of these factors impact our homeostasis – the place our body most likes to be – causing us to be disconnected with nature and with ourselves. Our entire physiology reacts when we are out of balance, impacting our physical and mental state.

Yet we all hold the magic key to changing this...


Our breathing says a lot about how we deal with the world around us, with the stresses and strains of everyday life and how we process all these experiences then store them in our bodies.

It’s the link between body and mind, spirit and matter, and the conscious and subconscious mind. Breath is a force, a bridge, a tool. Breath connects us to each other, to nature and our source.

Yet breathing is the only body system that is both completely automatic and under our control. That is not an accident of nature, not a coincidence. That is an opportunity, an invitation, to participate in nature and evolution.

We can use it to manipulate how we feel, how our body regulates and processes our physical responses, emotions, and overall wellbeing.

A Breathless Expeditions Breathwork & Ice experience will guide you back to a natural, optimal way of breathing to experience the benefits of breathwork.



  • Manage stress more effectively, increase resilience
  • Reduce body temperature and improve sleep
  • Aids muscle soreness recovery time
  • Feel more energised, assist with lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Better manage depression and anxiety
  • Improve your physical and mental performance

Whether you’re looking to improve your sporting prowess, manage your stress levels, reduce illness related symptoms, take your current practice to the next level or are just curious to find out this breathing and ice bath stuff is all about, then this is the Breathless Expeditions experience for you.



Well, there will be breath-work.

There will be scientific explanations.

There will be ice baths.

There will be meditation and discussion.

But ultimately, this is an opportunity to discover how to work with your body, expand your human potential and challenge your current belief systems and conditioning.

You’ll come away with the tools, training, and knowledge to incorporate into your daily practice and help you better manage your physiology, well being and overall happiness.

And you’ll get to meet a group of like minded people and share in an intimate, bonding experience that will open you up, lift your soul and leave you feeling alive, connected and part of something bigger than yourself.

If you like to learn more before you join a Breathless Expeditions Breathwork & Ice experiences, check out our blog: the history of cold exposure or if you need inspiration visit our Breathless YouTube channel

We will demonstrate and deliver techniques to help you BREATHE LESS and experience the delicate dance between oxygen and carbon dioxide so your respiratory rate has a soothing effect on all bodily systems.

If you would like to explore more about your breath visit for a range of face-to-face & online breathwork experiences or book a 1:1 call with Johannes Egberts for Instructor Training enquiries – refer to your Master Instructor for details or click on the link above.




January 21, 2024 10:30 am - 1:30 pm(GMT+10:00)

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  • Johannes Egberts

    Johannes Egberts


    Breathless Expeditions

    Breathless Expeditions Founder Johannes Egberts is considered Australia’s Leading Breathwork Instructor.

    Johannes’s inspiring life journey is punctuated by seeking the positives in every situation, a thirst for self-discovery and a love for unconventional experiences.

    Despite a challenging childhood, he discovered something unexpected that would alter the direction of his life forever – controlled breathing.

    Breathwork immediately resonated with Johannes, and he relentlessly cultivated knowledge on the subject and acquired more than ten breathwork certifications.

    His holistic wellness brand, Breathless Expeditions, has led the breathwork movement in Australia, inspiring thousands of people across the globe since 2018.

    He is predominately known for his Breathwork Instructor Training programs and for creating unique experiences in the corporate world.

    He offers experiences to every industry for fostering team building and life resilience with an impressive clientele portfolio ranging from professional athletes to renowned authors and high-profile. Click here for Corporate Wellness Opportunities.

    Netherlands-born, he has trainined 20,000+ in breathwork, published scientific research and trained more than 300 instructors.




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What do I need to participate?

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket or towel N.B. These will not be available for sale or hire at the venue and we and we want you to be comfortable during your experience.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, thongs/sandals or easy to remove footwear

You will need to complete this waiver before attending the event

Water, notebook and pen for journaling

Keep/coffee cup for cacao

Cushion or a pillow for your head or under your knees (optional)

Enjoy an inclusive experience designed to empower beginners and seasoned professionals

Come on your own or bring a friend


Who will be facilitating the Breathwork session?

Johannes Egberts refused to let his difficult upbringing define him. With a thirst for self-discovery and a love of unconventional experiences, he unexpectedly discovered the power of breathwork that changed the trajectory of his life forever.

Johannes has led the breathwork movement since 2018 and is considered Australia’s  leading breathwork instructor. He offers unique experiences designed to foster team building and life resilience to a portfolio of impressive clientele ranging from professional athletes, renowned authors and some of Australia’s high-profile companies. Since he founded Breathless, he has trained over 20,000 people in breathwork,  published research into breathwork and trained more than 300 breathwork instructors.

Today, Johannes Egberts is a breathwork mentor for many and has trained hundreds of Breathwork Facilitators. Some of these facilitators are recognised by Breathless Expeditions as Master Instructors. In the event listing you will be advised who is facilitating the session that you are looking to join.


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