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Discover the life-changing power of Breathwork with Breathless and their Master Instructors.

Backed by science, it’s a practical yet mystical practice as you are intimately intertwined between breathing out and letting yourself be breathed in. Step into an extraordinary experience and explore the power of breath – it’s right under our noses and available to everyone.

The Breathless signature Breakthrough Breathwork Ceremony demonstrates that breathing is more than a necessity – it’s a captivating combination of magical and quantifiable.

Join thousands of people experiencing the benefits of breathwork and let your breath set you free.

Breathwork is the lighthouse guiding us into calmer waters, allowing us to relax and recalibrate.


Imagine that your emotions are like water; free flowing, fluid and giving life to who are, past, present and future.

Our Nervous Systems have a natural response to help us deal with stressful situations in everyday life. In some circumstances there may not have been ample opportunities to fully process these situations and debrief, problem-solve, resolve and recover.

It’s in these moments where the energy of these emotions has frozen within your body and over time, this accumulates to form into an iceberg. In many cases negatively impacting our mental health.

What this translates into is the buildup of stored tension in the body, contributing to the development and expression of; conscious or unconscious patterns, behaviours, limiting beliefs, body responses and personality traits which all reflect the story of the growing iceberg.

The iceberg then becomes an extra load to carry around and can impact the lives and families of individuals and future generations.

It’s common to address these unprocessed emotional experiences through conventional therapies involving talking about, unpacking or revisiting these emotions. This approach can be likened to trying to thawing out the iceberg and letting it slowly melt in the Sun.

What if you could learn to work with your breath in a way, that could be likened to having access to a Sledge Hammer to smash this iceberg to pieces?

Welcome to Breakthrough Breathwork, where your breath can set you free!


Breathwork is an umbrella term describing a wide range of conscious breathing practices which promote awareness, self-regulation and profound personal transformation with the intention of enhancing inner peace, health and wellbeing.

Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between spirit, mind, and body; between the conscious and the subconscious. “Breakthrough Breathwork” is one of the quickest ways to open the heart and energise the body. Many of our customers describe our signature Breathwork session as transformational and reflect on an experience filled with release in which they can let go of negative feelings and trauma.


Breakthrough Breathwork combines the wisdom of ancient healing practices with modern techniques to unlock your potential.  It’s a dynamic fusion that connects the elements of your being to achieve a state of harmony.

You are guided through both slower-than-normal breathing and faster-than-normal normal breathing to open your heart and let your breath set you free.

Decades of scientific research indicate the benefits of breathwork can include:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety or depression
  • Improved deep sleep
  • Enhanced cardiovascular performance
  • Improved respiratory function
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced immunity recovery/resilience
  • and even reduced pain levels 

Tapping into a range of breathing techniques

We will demonstrate and deliver techniques to help you BREATHE LESS and experience the delicate dance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, so your respiratory rate has a soothing effect on all bodily systems.

At the end of the event you likely will fee calm and relax, and there will be support from the Breathless Expedition team if you would like to explore more about how breath work training could support you on the journey to personal growth, heal or empowering your mind body relationship.


Among the avalanche of positive feedback and comments about Breakthrough Breathwork, what really stands out is comments like, “20 years of Zen in 20 minutes” and “5 days of Vipassana n 20 minutes” and being described as “deeply relaxing”, “liberating” and “the best spiritual experience EVER!”.

What makes Breakthrough Breathwork so potent is that our breath is available and accessible to each and all of us. People from all different walks of life, each begin and arrive at different points of exploration. Awaiting throughout this experience is something to discover for everyone!

Breathless Instructors and its founder, Johannes Egberts, are transforming thousands of lives and have been leading Australia’s breathwork movement since 2018. The scientifically backed experience guides you through diverse breathing rhythms to explore the sacred union between your breath, body, mind and spirit. Breathless takes you on a journey that enables you to discover breathwork is, beyond doubt, the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone is welcome; the only prerequisite is an open mind, a passion for life and a willingness to be a student of your breath. Don’t miss an opportunity to transform your life through the simple act of breathing.

If you’re considering a Breathless experience, click on the link below to learn more about Johannes’s life journey punctuated by seeking the positives in every situation, a thirst for self-discovery and a love for unconventional experiences.

Click here for Breathless Expedition’s YouTube Channel

Come with us on a journey where we bring the Mountain to you and guide you to explore the power of your breath and what it can do for you.




November 22, 2023 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm(GMT+10:00)

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  • Johannes Egberts

    Johannes Egberts


    Breathless Expeditions

    Breathless Expeditions Founder Johannes Egberts is considered Australia’s Leading Breathwork Instructor.

    Johannes’s inspiring life journey is punctuated by seeking the positives in every situation, a thirst for self-discovery and a love for unconventional experiences.

    Despite a challenging childhood, he discovered something unexpected that would alter the direction of his life forever – controlled breathing.

    Breathwork immediately resonated with Johannes, and he relentlessly cultivated knowledge on the subject and acquired more than ten breathwork certifications.

    His holistic wellness brand, Breathless Expeditions, has led the breathwork movement in Australia, inspiring thousands of people across the globe since 2018.

    He is predominately known for his Breathwork Instructor Training programs and for creating unique experiences in the corporate world.

    He offers experiences to every industry for fostering team building and life resilience with an impressive clientele portfolio ranging from professional athletes to renowned authors and high-profile. Click here for Corporate Wellness Opportunities.

    Netherlands-born, he has trainined 20,000+ in breathwork, published scientific research and trained more than 300 instructors.



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In preparation for the event you will need:

  • To provide the name and number of an emergency contact
  • Good lighting so our safety team can monitor you on screen
  • A quiet space where you will not be interrupted and can lay down
  • A blanket to keep you warm during the experience
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol or stimulants 4-5 hours before participating
  • Avoid eating for at least 90 minutes before participating 
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • You will need to complete this waiver before participating
  • Have water, a notebook and pen for journaling nearby
  • Cushion or a pillow for your head or under your knees

Who will be facilitating the Breathwork session?

Johannes Egberts refused to let his difficult upbringing define him. With a thirst for self-discovery and a love of unconventional experiences, he unexpectedly discovered the power of breathwork that changed the trajectory of his life forever.

Johannes has led the breathwork movement since 2018 and is considered Australia’s  leading breathwork instructor. He offers unique experiences designed to foster team building and life resilience to a portfolio of impressive clientele ranging from professional athletes, renowned authors and some of Australia’s high-profile companies. Since he founded Breathless, he has trained over 20,000 people in breathwork,  published research into breathwork and trained more than 300 breathwork instructors.

Today, Johannes Egberts is a breathwork mentor for many and has trained hundreds of Breathwork Facilitators. Some of these facilitators are recognised by Breathless Expeditions as Master Instructors. In the event listing you will be advised who is facilitating the session that you are looking to join.