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How Breathwork Expands Lung Capacity for Surfers

If you’ve ever watched big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton or Kai Lenny glide down the face of a 50 foot wave and wonder, “how can they do that?,” you’re not alone. The reason these surfers are able to put themselves into mind-bendingly dangerous situations without freaking out or dying is preparation.  Through years of […]

NLP and Freediving

The Surprising Symbiosis: NLP and Freediving In the vast ocean of psychology, personal development and sports, there are occasional pairings that seem as unlikely as a fish riding a bicycle. One such remarkable combination is the relationship between NLP and freediving. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the mysterious depths of […]

Freediving Tips & Underwater Adventures

THE IMPACT OF TRAINING ON THE HUMAN BODY’S ADAPTATION TO EXTREME CONDITIONS Freediving is a sport where freedivers try to hold their breath and dive as long or as deep as possible. Anyone can learn how to freedive by engaging in freediving courses and trainings. However, it can be dangerous because divers risk not getting […]

Understanding Breath Holding Physiology in Freediving

Have you ever tried holding your breath? If you’re like me, you probably did this as a kid, maybe in a swimming pool contest or a dare. I loved to sink to the bottom of the pool and take a few steps before going back up for air. Did you know that breath holding is […]

How Did Ice Baths Start?

In recent years, Ice baths have become a rising trend in the things that people do to maintain their health and wellbeing. Why is it that immersion in ice cold-water has become such a cool thing that people from all different ages, backgrounds, cultures and paths take part in? It definitely has gained significant momentum […]

Surfing Enhanced: Breathwork for Ocean Enthusiasts

In surfing, regular breathwork training sets the true watermen and waterwomen apart from the amateurs and wannabes. Breathwork helps you stay calm and focused in the water to improve your performance and survive situations like wipeouts (falling off your board midway through your ride) and hold-downs (taking multiple large waves on the head). Breathwork improves […]

Ride the Waves: Breathwork and Surfing 

Activating Your “Subconscious Autopilot:” Is there a way in which breathwork can serve our surfing skills? Short answer: yes there is. For the long one, you can keep on reading how Breathwork and Surfing can be the perfect complement. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose […]

Kilimanjaro Expedition: Breathless Adventure

All the emotions, the sweat, the love, the doubt and the gains.

After a 40-hour trip, we arrived to Kilimanjaro International Airport. I couldn’t believe it. We made it! I was very stressed about the travel restrictions, the V’s,­­ the connections, the possibility of things not going the right way. We had been dreaming on going on this trip for a long time, and now that it […]

Breath Training and Hypoxic Training: Bringing the Mountains to You 

Breath Training and Hypoxic Training

In Tibetan Budhhist writings and oral tradition, Shambala is a legendary kingdom in a mountain valley behind unscalable mountains. It’s considered an enlightened place where inhabitants live free of fear, want and disease.  The benefits of training at altitude have been popular ever since the Olympics in Mexico City in 1968, sparking a wave of […]

Enhance Breathhold: Training for Carbon Dioxide Tolerance

Increase Your Carbon Dioxide Tolerance

Carbon dioxide tolerance is the body’s capacity to control an imbalance of their habitual levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen. The higher the tolerance one has to co2, the longer that person will be able to hold their breath, which is quite a good thing to do when you want to freedive. A higher co2 […]