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Pre-Freediving Meals: What to Know

To Eat or Not to Eat? To eat or not to eat? That is the question.  There is no correct answer for this, as everyone is different and our bodies react differently. There are some questions each one of us should answer before answering this question. Do you regularly intermittently fast? Are you able to […]

Avoid Lung Squeeze: Freediving Insights

Freediving is the ultimate underwater experience: you don’t need much equipment and can interact with marine life.You can dive off the shore, not needing to spend too much money on a boat or tank hire and it is super fun and relaxing. Freediving is an exhilarating and rewarding sport, but as with any extreme activity […]

Lady Elliot Island Freediving: Preparation Guide

Are you nervous about your upcoming trip with Breathless to Lady Elliot Island? Don’t be! It will be one of the most memorable trips of your life. During this unforgettable trip we’ll give you all the tools and training time you need to become an amazing freediver, from zero to hero! Anyways, if you’re still […]

Increase your Breath Hold and Lung Capacity for Freediving: 5 Exercises

Increase Breath Hold for Freediving The human body is an amazing miracle of nature. It can be trained to maximise its ability in so many different aspects and to do many different ends, and freediving is no exception. There are various things we can do to improve our freediving ability.  Higher tolerance to CO2 levels […]

Swim with Giant Manta Rays: Freediving Excursion

Freediving with Giant Manta Rays - UNDERWATER ADVENTURES

“So majestic. I couldn’t believe how slow and smooth they could move, but also swim fast when needed” William Solis – Underwater Photographer Freediving with giant manta rays, with no oxygen tank, exploring the ocean floor, one breath at a time. It must be an incredible experience to dive next to one of the largest […]

Breath Training and Hypoxic Training: Bringing the Mountains to You 

Breath Training and Hypoxic Training

In Tibetan Budhhist writings and oral tradition, Shambala is a legendary kingdom in a mountain valley behind unscalable mountains. It’s considered an enlightened place where inhabitants live free of fear, want and disease.  The benefits of training at altitude have been popular ever since the Olympics in Mexico City in 1968, sparking a wave of […]

Enhance Breathhold: Training for Carbon Dioxide Tolerance

Increase Your Carbon Dioxide Tolerance

Carbon dioxide tolerance is the body’s capacity to control an imbalance of their habitual levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen. The higher the tolerance one has to co2, the longer that person will be able to hold their breath, which is quite a good thing to do when you want to freedive. A higher co2 […]