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How Breathwork Expands Lung Capacity for Surfers

If you’ve ever watched big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton or Kai Lenny glide down the face of a 50 foot wave and wonder, “how can they do that?,” you’re not alone. The reason these surfers are able to put themselves into mind-bendingly dangerous situations without freaking out or dying is preparation.  Through years of […]

How to Choose Your Freediving Fins

Choosing the right freediving fins is a bit like shopping for shoes, only with a twist – or should we say a flip? There’s an ocean of options out there, each with its own unique features and benefits, and that is what makes it so hard to make a decision, especially the first times, when […]

Improve Freediving Performance with Breathwork: 10 Best Tips

Freediving is the most beautiful sport I’ve come across. It takes physical, mental and emotional strength and focus, and the benefits from practicing it are unlimited! Having said this, it does require physical and mental preparation. Freediving is not just about holding your breath and kicking down – it’s about mastering the art of relaxation, […]

Swim with Ease: Tips for Breathwork in Swimming


POOLSIDE REFLECTIONS ON BREATHE AND SWIMMING It’s the middle of summer in Australia, so what a perfect time to write about the best ways to breathe and swimming! I’m going to take you on a little journey through my own experience with swimming and share some insights I’ve discovered as I’ve been wading through breathwork […]

Game Changers: Breathwork for Runners


RUNNING OUT OF BREATH OR RUNNING CHARGED UP WITH BREATH? As a runner, do you practice breathwork? Did you know that the way that we breathe has a direct influence over the way that we prepare, perform and recover from physical activity? One of the simplest, yet most satisfying and rewarding ways to explore, explain […]

Increase your Breath Hold and Lung Capacity for Freediving: 5 Exercises

Increase Breath Hold for Freediving The human body is an amazing miracle of nature. It can be trained to maximise its ability in so many different aspects and to do many different ends, and freediving is no exception. There are various things we can do to improve our freediving ability.  Higher tolerance to CO2 levels […]

Kilimanjaro Expedition: Breathless Adventure

All the emotions, the sweat, the love, the doubt and the gains.

After a 40-hour trip, we arrived to Kilimanjaro International Airport. I couldn’t believe it. We made it! I was very stressed about the travel restrictions, the V’s,­­ the connections, the possibility of things not going the right way. We had been dreaming on going on this trip for a long time, and now that it […]

Breath Training and Hypoxic Training: Bringing the Mountains to You 

Breath Training and Hypoxic Training

In Tibetan Budhhist writings and oral tradition, Shambala is a legendary kingdom in a mountain valley behind unscalable mountains. It’s considered an enlightened place where inhabitants live free of fear, want and disease.  The benefits of training at altitude have been popular ever since the Olympics in Mexico City in 1968, sparking a wave of […]

Training for High Altitudes: Mastering the Breath

The mountains are calling

6 Health and wellbeing benefits of mountains and high altitude. Of all earth’s landscapes, none fixes our attention more than mountains. Why are we drawn to them? What is it about the mountains that makes us feel so alive? Mountains inspire determination, ingenuity, creativity and awe. All of which fuel our spirit. Can we learn […]

Why is it important to boost CO2 Tolerance?


Increasing carbon dioxide tolerance can give us physical, mental and emotional benefits. There is only 0.03% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today. Healthy human beings require about 5% carbon dioxide in their lungs. This means that the body has to produce and store carbon dioxide in the lungs and blood. When consistently over-breathing the amount […]