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How to Choose Your Freediving Fins

Choosing the right freediving fins is a bit like shopping for shoes, only with a twist – or should we say a flip? There’s an ocean of options out there, each with its own unique features and benefits, and that is what makes it so hard to make a decision, especially the first times, when […]

Breathwork, Paradise and Transformation in Raja Ampat

I signed up for this trip without much idea of where I was headed. In fact, until the day before, I thought I was going to Papua New Guinea instead of West Papua. What caught my attention was the headline that read Raja Ampat, THE LAST PARADISE. In a world where borders are opening due […]

What Freediving in the Coral Sea Taught Me About Myself

There are experiences in life that transcend our daily routine, experiences like your first time skydiving out of a tiny plane with a random girl you met only 30 minutes ago or the birth of your first child. Okay… I know, these are two MASSIVELY different situations but we can both agree that they offer […]

Dive Deeper with FRC and RV Training

Has anyone heard of FRC and RV training for freediving? These are two types of training methods for pressure adaptation in freediving and working on deep equalization techniques, where you can simulate great depths while diving without filling your lungs completely, as one would do in normal diving. What is FRC Diving?  Freediving, the art […]

The Mental Game of Freediving: Unleashing the Depths Within

In the vast expanse of the ocean, where the surface meets the unknown abyss below, lies a realm of mystery and tranquility: freediving. A sport that defies conventional wisdom and embraces the art of breath-hold diving, freediving is an exploration of the self, both physically and mentally. As an avid freediver, I have come to […]

Breathwork Retreats: Transformative Experiences Await

I recently attended a Breathless Expeditions’ breathwork retreat on the snowy mountains, and it was truly a life-changing experience. The retreat was held in cozy chalets surrounded by the breathtaking snow-capped peaks, and the tranquil atmosphere was the perfect setting for introspection and self-discovery. The facilitators were knowledgeable and experienced in breathwork and yoga practice, […]

Men’s Breathwork Expeditions: Unleash Your Potential


By Jamie gray After hiking for 2 hours into the backcountry beyond Perisher Valley, in the Snowy Mountains, the sun was well and truly setting when our group of 33 men found the icy mountain wind cutting through layers of clothing. We were all there for the famous Men’s Breathless Expeditions. As we stripped down […]

Discover Breathless Expeditions: Our Inspirational Journey

Breathless Expeditions aims to improve the quality of breathwork education to deliver a message that has a positive and influential impact on individuals’ lives. By upholding a high standard of teaching, they believe that the numerous benefits of conscious breathing practices and breathwork can be harnessed. Breathless is committed to empowering their students to become […]

Surfing Enhanced: Breathwork for Ocean Enthusiasts

In surfing, regular breathwork training sets the true watermen and waterwomen apart from the amateurs and wannabes. Breathwork helps you stay calm and focused in the water to improve your performance and survive situations like wipeouts (falling off your board midway through your ride) and hold-downs (taking multiple large waves on the head). Breathwork improves […]

Ride the Waves: Breathwork and Surfing 

Activating Your “Subconscious Autopilot:” Is there a way in which breathwork can serve our surfing skills? Short answer: yes there is. For the long one, you can keep on reading how Breathwork and Surfing can be the perfect complement. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose […]